Letters to the Editor for November 20, 2021

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Important legislation
Providing care for an individual living with dementia presents many unique and often challenging issues. As a volunteer facilitator for two Alzheimer’s Association support groups for eight years, I have heard many stories from the caregivers about how complicated it is to navigate this health care maze. Thankfully, the Comprehensive Care for Alzheimer’s Act (S.1125/HR 2517) would address the issue.
It is estimated that 48,000 Nevadans have Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia, and that number is expected to increase more than 30% by 2025; the third fastest rate of growth in the nation.
It is critical we find better ways to care for our loved ones. We know comprehensive dementia care reduces costs and will improve the quality of life for individuals living with dementia and their families. Many caregivers spend hours trying to navigate health care and social support systems in addition to taking care of their loved ones. This bill calls on the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to test a new payment structure for dementia which would provide services to develop a care plan, care coordination and navigation, and caregiver education and support and much more.
Please join me in thanking U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto for co-sponsoring this important piece of federal legislation and asking our other members of Congress to do the same.
Barbara Singer
Carson City

Governor got what he deserved
In response to the letter on Nov. 6, the parade veteran who was upset that the governor was booed throughout the parade, and what message that sends children.
The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights allows speech that you describe as disrespectful.
I place the blame with the governor for several reasons:
• For almost two years he’s operated under “emergency” orders and mandates.
• If you look at the NV Health Response website, almost all counties are indicated high risk, including Carson City.
He's not adhered to his own mask mandates, nor his own orders not to gather in large groups.
These mandates and lockdowns have killed businesses and destroyed lives.
His ordering a "vaccine" for employees is causing people to choose between being unemployed or risking their health by taking an experimental shot (Comirnaty is not yet available in the U.S.).
Now he's coming after the children over age 5? The FDA admits they don't know what the long term affects are.
This goes against the Nuremberg Code and the Constitution of informed consent.
Tell the kids that what you witnessed is people speaking out against tyranny. Regarding the parade, in the future ask that your parade entry be situated far away from the politicians.
Lisa Partee
Carson City

America got a bad deal
A letter to the editor from my favorite leftie fabulist (“What would have happened,”) claims that the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion was a serious threat to our national security. Not hardly.
Fox News video clips from inside the building show a walk in the park compared to your average BLM/Antifa riot. Yet some of the 1/6 participants are still being held in solitary confinement with no charges, no due process, some who never entered the building. Protester Ashli Babbitt was fatally shot by Capitol Police Officer Lt. Michael Byrd, who’s still on the job.
For those looking for something to be indignant about, behold Biden’s genius move in Afghanistan to first abandon hardened Bagram airbase, gifting the Taliban, Iran, and other terror states a secure headquarters and weapons. Biden practically invited a suicide bomber at the unsecured civilian airport to kill 13 U.S. service members, lions betrayed by the donkey who lead them. Biden’s bumbling intelligence chiefs added to America’s humiliation by droning an innocent Afghan’s family car, kids and all.
Cheated or not, America got a very bad deal in the last election and 13 families are grieving.
Lynn Muzzy

Thank you for anonymously paying breakfast bill
On Nov. 6, my wife and I were finishing up our breakfast at Sharkey’s in Gardnerville when our waitress informed us that someone had already paid for our meal. They had done it anonymously and we can assume that it was fellow customer.
Not only was this generous, but certainly thoughtful. Why, we do not know, but quite possibly because I was wearing a Navy veteran.
Most importantly, we wish to thank them, and it is our hope they will read this and know how much their gesture was appreciated.
Ron Porter
Carson City


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