Air Force jazz band coming to Carson City

The USAF Commanders Jazz Ensemble will be performing a free concert at the Governor’s Mansion on Aug. 28 at 3 p.m.

The USAF Commanders Jazz Ensemble will be performing a free concert at the Governor’s Mansion on Aug. 28 at 3 p.m.

The month of August in Carson City is dedicated to “all that jazz,” and although the official Jazz & Beyond Carson City Music Festival will officially come to a close on Sunday, August 21st, the Carson City Chamber is pleased to announce the United State Air Force Commanders Jazz Ensemble has allowed us to extend the enjoyment of jazz in our city for yet another free Sunday concert on August 28 at 3 pm in the beautiful backyard of the Governor’s Mansion.

American composer John Philip Sousa, known for his prolific American military marches, was prophetic when stating, “Jazz will endure just as long people hear it through their feet instead of their brains.”   As a former member and band director of the United States Marine Band (1810-1822),  he’d have been proud of the Commanders, for If you’ve heard this fine ensemble play in the past, you’ll know those feet of yours will be anything but still.

Declared a National Treasure by Congress in 1987, jazz is America's only indigenous art form, and The Commanders Jazz Ensemble keep this historic flame alive by playing both classic big band favorites, as well as modern-day compositions and arrangements as they are kept busy touring the West performing and giving music clinics.

“Jazz musicians are the coolest people on the planet.  Can I have some cool?,” so asked comedian Jon Stewart.   Yes, Jon, you can have some cool if you bring your personal lawn chair to enjoy a relaxing late Sunday afternoon concert in Governor’s beautiful backyard.

Our very own Ghost of Mark Twain, McAvoy Lane, will introduce the thirteen “cool musicians,” part of the much larger USAF Band of the Golden West based at Travis Air Force Base.  Led by band leader and music director SrA Nathaniel McKay, you’ll be treated to some of the coolest jazz around.  Mark Twain was passionate about music and it is reputed he was a passionate guitarist, singer, and piano player.

Singer A1C Natalie Angst will delight the audience by putting her own spin on songs we all love as three sax players (Alto Sax - TSgt Marco Munoz; Tenor Sax - A1C Kai Hammond; Bari Sax - A1C Colin Gordon); two trumpeters (A1C Henry Gergen and SrA Nathaniel McKay); two trombonists (A1C Jeff Sharof and TSgt Ben Huseby); one drummer (A1C Stephen Morris); three guitarists (A1C Tom Antonic; SrA Alex Valdez; A1C Eric Nakamoto); and one piano player  (A1C Will Comer) accompany her as audio engineer Warren Lynch makes it all sound great.

The Commanders represent the men and women serving in the Air Force's Air Mobility Command and promote military recruiting and community relations objectives. They honor those who have served in our military, inspire American citizens to increased patriotism and service, and connect with

local communities on behalf of the U.S. Air Force. The excellence demonstrated by these Airmen musicians reflects the excellence displayed by Airmen serving around the globe.
The concert is sponsored by the Carson City Chamber of Commerce and is free to all those who enjoy good music.  Bring your own chair, blanket, or pillow and some nibbles and drink.  What a great way to end the month of August.  Make this a great end of summer outing and invite the whole neighborhood!


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