Lyon County asks for Sisolak’s help with U.S. 50 safety

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The Lyon County Commission approved a resolution asking Gov. Steve Sisolak to direct the Nevada Department of Transportation to address safety on the Highway 50 from the Carson City line to Ten Mile Hill during its June 2 meeting.
The resolution was intended to seek help addressing the injury crashes the county has experienced, although the commissioners said they thought a direct meeting with Sisolak or NDOT’s staff might have been more effective.
“I understand we’re making a statement,” said Commissioner Wes Henderson, representing District 1. “But I think we need to have a meeting.”
The resolution asks for:
• Installing traffic signals to enhance intersection safety for left hand turns and reduce speed.
• Installing acceleration lanes to enhance safe access onto Highway 50.
• Installing equipment to reduce collisions caused by crossing over into oncoming traffic.
Board Chairman Ken Gray, representing District 3, said the commission has invited NDOT staff members in the past to safety meetings, and they’ve been unattended.
“I feel like we’re limiting (the language) to only traffic signals when there are other avenues that can be taken by the state,” Gray said. “I think we just need NDOT to take action.”
Gray said he had been approached by county residents about why the resolution didn’t stretch to as far as Silver Springs, and he said he answered because upgrades previously been made to the highway in the area already.
“I don’t see why we couldn’t go with cabling rather than more traffic signals,” he said, adding he personally preferred more roundabouts because they help keep traffic moving.
Commissioner Robert Jacobson, who represents District 4, also said local residents have expressed concerns and said the document would signify the county is taking action on Lyon’s traffic needs.
“I don’t think an all-comprehensive fix-up plan was what I was looking for,” he said. “But I think it does capture that we acknowledge people are getting injured or killed through this corridor.”
Henderson recommended adding the language “or other traffic devices” under the phrase “Therefore let it be resolved … installing traffic signals or other traffic devices to enhance intersection safety…” to ensure NDOT does not have automatic authority to install more signals, he said.
The motion was approved 5-0.


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