State officials OK nearly $620 million in service agreements

The Nevada Capitol

The Nevada Capitol

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The Board of Examiners on Monday approved a long list of Master Service Agreements, many of them funding social services for the coming fiscal year.
Because of serious audio problems with the YouTube channel connection, the actual meeting lasted less than 10 minutes and featured no comment from the members of the board who had to use their cellphones to vote on the motion to approve 146 Master Service Agreements.
Altogether, the board consisting of the governor, secretary of state and attorney general approved nearly $620 million in contracts.
Master Service Agreements are available to multiple agencies to provide a wide range of services to different groups of people ranging from supported living and personal care to mental health and substance abuse services and adult day care services.
Others cover specialized needs such as translation services.
The contracts approved Monday also include such things as community work experience programs, job development and pre-employment services.
The largest single contract approved Monday was for $22 million to provide ongoing services for community-based living arrangements, foster care, job development and respite care. That contract was awarded to New Vista Ranch, Inc.
The amounts awarded for the different agreements are maximums for each contract that may or may not be entirely used during the year.


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