Non-partisan voters pass Republicans in total registration

Non-partisan voters are now the second largest block of voters in Nevada.

October registration numbers show Republicans have fallen to third place on the list of total registered voters. According to September statistics released by the Secretary of State’s office, there are now 651,751 voters listing no political party compared with 640,416 Republicans among total registered voters.

Democrats still lead in total registration in Nevada with 721,457 registered voters.

When just the “active” registered voters are counted, Republicans are still ahead of the non-partisan voters at 542,761 compared to 530,893 non-partisans.

But inactive voters can still show up in early voting or on election day and cast their ballots after affirming their address and identity.

Democrats have 592,903 active voters on the rolls.

Election officials say the number of non-partisan voters has been growing steadily and significantly faster than either Republicans or Democrats for several years now.


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