World records are going to the dogs

Angie is a uniquely beautiful 1.5-year-old Shepherd/Chow mix. Her golden eyes are captivating. She is an active, happy girl who likes people. Angie loves to play tug-of-war and fetch.

Angie is a uniquely beautiful 1.5-year-old Shepherd/Chow mix. Her golden eyes are captivating. She is an active, happy girl who likes people. Angie loves to play tug-of-war and fetch.
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Dear Readers, The Guinness Book of World Records has just added a new star named Bobi. He recently celebrated his 31st birthday making him the world’s oldest dog. Bobi is a Rafeiro do Alentejo, a popular Portuguese dog breed.

Over 100 guests attended his birthday party. The menu included meats and fish with extra servings for Bobi, who only eats human food. After dinner, he performed with a dance troupe and then promptly fell asleep.

His owner Leonel Costa was 8 years old when Bobi was born. The Veterinary Medical Service of the Municipality of Leiria registered and verified the birth in 1992. Costa has owned several senior dogs, including Bobi’s mother, who lived to age 18.

Costa attributes the calm, peaceful environment in their village as one of the factors influencing Bobi’s long life. He has never been chained or leashed and freely roamed the forests. Animals and friendly folks fill his days. He is slowing down but still loves living!

It sounds like he would be an excellent ambassador for The Dog Longevity Project out of the University of Washington. This institution focuses on prolonging healthy lives for dogs.

Geroscience is the biology of aging, and researchers have made tremendous strides in slowing aging and extending the lifespan of smaller mammals. The Dog Aging Project is in its seventh year of research, and the results have been favorable. Scientists are testing rapamycin, a drug approved by the FDA for use in humans.

Rapamycin improves cognitive function, cardio-vascular performance, and immunity in dogs. Imagine adding five more years of active healthy life to your dog’s life. This is exactly what the scientists are shooting for; they want to extend the time of life when the body is at peak performance.

If you would be interested in enrolling your dog in the study, go to

Your dog may not live to be 31, but every extra day with your BFF is a gift.


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