8 Carson City businesses fail alcohol compliance checks

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Out of 36 businesses in Carson City subjected to an alcohol server compliance check last year, eight failed and were issued citations, according to an annual report by city staff.

“In addition to a misdemeanor citation for the violating server, six of those citations resulted in an administrative citation, a $100 fine that was imposed on the business for a first offense,” says the report. “Two of the criminal citations were the result of a repeated failure of the compliance checks; these businesses were given a second offense administrative citation, a $500 fine reserved for a second offense.”

The report details the official activities of the city’s two liquor hearings officers, Community Development Director Hope Sullivan and Planning Manager Heather Ferris. Both were appointed by the Liquor and Entertainment Board. As hearings officers, Sullivan and Ferris set administrative hearings when the Business License Division receives liquor license applications. City code requires an annual report that includes disciplinary actions and penalties.

According to the 2022 report, second-offense administrative citations were issued to the following businesses that failed compliance checks:

• Cowboys Liquor, 444 E. William St., Ste. 5

• Eagle Gas, 2152 N. Carson St.

First-offense administrative citations were issued to the following businesses:

• Eagle Gas, 2152 N. Carson St.

• 7-Eleven, 3838 Highway 50 East

• AMPM Arco, 2707 Highway 50 East

• Ben’s Fine Wine, 3777 N. Carson St., Suite 105

• Rand Avenue Convenience Store, 1800 E. William St., numbers 12 and 14

• Smith’s number 356, 599 E. William St.

No businesses were issued citations for a third offense, which results in a $1,000 fine and a hearing that can lead to a suspended or revoked license.

The report also details approved and denied licenses in the applications process. In 2022, there were 21 liquor licenses approved, 12 for existing businesses with changes in ownership, management or location. Two new applications were denied.

“Miami Vibes, 248 E. Winnie Lane, Ste. 448, was denied because the applicant failed to complete the background investigation. … a liquor license was subsequently approved for Miami Vibes under new ownership,” states the report.

The second denial was for Don Jose Bar and Grill.

“Don Jose Bar and Grill, 1301 N. Carson St., was denied because the business had closed and ceased operations before the background check was completed. Subsequently, the restaurant has been leased by another entity and is now operating with an approved liquor license,” states the report.

For comparison, 116 business were subject to compliance checks in 2021, with 31 businesses failing.

Carson City code lists several potential violations that can lead to disciplinary action for licensees, including selling or giving away liquor to anyone under the age of 21.


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