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Dancers perform at CCMS Multicultural Night.

Dancers perform at CCMS Multicultural Night.

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CCHS and Lahontan

During Greenwave Specials at CCHS on Friday, the boys basketball team participated in Reading Buddies and went to Lahontan to read with the first-grade students.

“This was such a neat experience for our young students. We love having older students come to read or work with our students. Their little faces just light up when they walk in the room – it is really cool,” said Lahontan Principal Kimi Melendy. CCHS boys basketball coach and physical education teacher Chelle Dalager and first-grade teacher Debbie Swisher came up with the idea to do Reading Buddies back in 2019 and have been doing the program since.

“I thought it would be a great way to connect with the community and kids. At first, it was an opportunity for kids to get some additional hours for the National Honor Society, but when Greenwave Specials came around I decided it would be an incredible opportunity to continue the program,” said Dalager.


CCMS students hosted a Multicultural Night that involved student and club participation in cultural dance and theatre. Students and families viewed various displays that featured the countries of Ireland, Mexico, Egypt, and Native American displays as well. The entertainment featured Hispanic and Native American dancers and theatre performances put on by Amanda Peterson’s advisory class.

“The purpose of the event was to familiarize students with the many cultures that exist within our community and our surrounding communities,” said teacher Dinah Briggs.



Numa celebrated staff appreciation week last week. Students gave teachers a little something every day and Principal Shawn Purrell treated his staff to lunch on Friday.

“These are just small tokens of appreciation for all that our staff does and for all that they are,” said school counselor Noreen Swenson.

Numa is fortunate to have teachers and support staff who demonstrate care, understanding, and patience to students. They have inspired not only their students, but each other to think outside the box, outside the classroom, and into the future.

“I just want to thank our amazing staff for everything they do to make Numa the incredible school it is. I am so grateful to have such incredible people to work with and to make an impact on our student's lives,” said Principal Shawn Purrell.

E.C. Best 

Second graders in Melissa Humphrey's and Kailey Hughes' classes have been learning about the growth of a baby chick as a part of their life cycles science unit. The students hatched baby chicks from eggs by putting them in an incubator. Students learned about the process and observed the eggs for 21 days when they finally hatched baby chicks.

“This was such a fun process to watch these students experience and get to teach them about. They were shocked that it only took 21 days for the baby Chicks to grow and were so excited that they actually got to watch them hatch,” said Humphreys.

Northside Early Learning Center

Students in Lara Lee Christensen’s 3-year-old class spontaneously created this cutting and gluing activity. They gathered and requested items needed, assigned jobs (cutters/gluers), invited peers to participate, and all worked together creating art masterpieces.

“This is everything we strive to see as teachers. It was such a proud moment to witness. These students have made monumental growth this year,” said Christensen.


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