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Request for Public Scoping Comments before May 10th 

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s Battle Mountain District Office has published a Notice of Intent (NOI) to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for Corvus Gold Nevada’s proposed North Bullfrog Mine 

Project, which is nine miles north of the town of Beatty in Nye County, Nevada. The NOI requests public scoping comments on the issues to be analyzed in the EIS. 

Corvus Gold Nevada and its parent company, AngloGold Ashanti North America (AGA), ask you to respond to BLM’s NOI by sending a letter of support for the North Bullfrog Mine Project by the May 10th comment deadline. You can submit your comments on BLM’s North Bullfrog Mine Project website by clicking the green “Participate Now” tab. 

BLM is holding two virtual, online public scoping meetings on the North Bullfrog Mine Project on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, at 5:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and on Thursday, April 25, 2024, at 2:00 pm PDT. 

You can register to attend one or both virtual public scoping meetings by using the following hyperlinks: 

Wednesday, 4/24/2024 @ 5:00 pm PDT: 


Thursday, 4/25/2024 @ 2 pm PDT: U1aGcw 

To help you write your letter, here are some key points about the North Bullfrog Mine Project (NBP) that you may want to consider: 

The NBP is located about nine miles north of the town of Beatty, in Nye County, NV, on BLM-administered public land and private land consisting of patented claims where historic mining occurred. 

The NBP involves developing three open pits, a heap leach processing facility, a gravity milling circuit, and mine support facilities. 

Because the NBP will be developed in an area that was mined from about 1904 to 1921 before there were any reclamation requirements, new mining at NBP creates an opportunity to reclaim some historic mining features and eliminate what could be potential public safety hazards. 

The NBP will take about one year to construct. Mining and mineral processing will occur for roughly 12 years, to be followed by two to three years of heap rinsing, reclamation, and mine closure activities. 

Roughly 530 will be directly employed during the one-year construction period. During the 12-year operating and mineral processing period, the NBP will employ roughly 230 workers and will create about another 210 indirect jobs that will benefit the local and state economies. 

The NBP’s local and state tax revenues are currently estimated to exceed $51 million during construction and $22 million during the 12-year operating period. 

Development of the NBP is an exciting opportunity to expand gold mining in southern Nevada and create a new economic engine that will diversify and substantially contribute to southern Nye County. 

The NBP facilities will be built and operated with modern, state-of-the-art environmental safeguards, engineering controls, and project monitoring and reporting protocols that will fully comply with all state and federal laws and regulations to protect the environment. 

Corvus has designed the NBP with numerous Applicant Committed Environmental Protection Measures that will implement measures to protect the environment. 

Corvus will prioritize ensuring high worker health and safety levels and maintaining a clean and safe working environment at the NBP. 

Corvus will provide comprehensive financial assurance to BLM and the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection to guarantee that the NBP will be fully reclaimed once mining and mineral processing are completed. 

Corvus has been actively engaging with local stakeholders to keep them well-informed and to seek their suggestions for the NBP. 

Because gold and silver are essential in the electronic circuitry that underpins all modern technology, including renewable energy systems, and silver is used to manufacture solar panels, the gold and silver produced at the NBP may contribute an important role in the energy transition. 

Please support the North Bullfrog Project by Submitting Comment’s on BLM’s North Bullfrog Mine Project website before May 10th

For more information, contact Kimberley Wolf, AGA’s Govt. Affairs and Permit Manager: +1775-781-8781, 

Pub Date: April 18, 25, 2024 Ad # 42384


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