2024 Carson City primary election results (Friday update)

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Updated Thursday, unofficial results of Tuesday’s primary election in Carson City show mayoral candidates Lori Bagwell and Jim Shirk likely headed to the general election in November, and Justice and Municipal Court Department 2 candidate Melanie Bruketta poised to win the seat outright.

Carson City Clerk-Recorder Scott Hoen estimated more than 1,715 mail ballots outstanding that can be counted through Saturday. Those ballots, however, must have been postmarked before or on Election Day. Results aren’t official until certified by the Board of Supervisors, set for June 21.

As of Thursday, the Appeal’s print deadline, Mayor Bagwell had garnered 4,305 votes or about 45 percent, according to the clerk-recorder’s office. Former Supervisor Jim Shirk had 3,011 votes or about 32 percent. More than 50 percent of votes are needed to win the primary without having the top two candidates go to the general. The city offices are nonpartisan.

“I am encouraged by these results, and grateful for the support of so many voters,” Bagwell, who is seeking her second term as mayor, told the Appeal. “I look forward to meeting residents and focusing on the issues that are important to them. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.”

Bagwell could still pull out and win the primary if enough votes in her favor are counted through Saturday.

Shirk was thankful for the support.

“June 11 had two very important issues. The first — it was my 19th bronze wedding anniversary. The second — I have family and many friends to thank for their support and assistance in the election process. I thank the many voters who supported me. I am very proud to live here in Carson City, and as your mayor I will promote city planning and growth that are consistent with our rural small-city charm and be sustainable within available resources and infrastructure.”

Bruketta received 4,956 votes or roughly 56 percent. If her lead stands through the weekend, she will win the seat for Justice and Municipal Court Department 2.

“Based on the current trend in the primary election results, I am humbled by the trust in those who supported me, and I look forward to serving as Justice of the Peace in Department 2,” Bruketta said. “I intend to continue the excellent work of Judge Luis and Judge Tatro. I am excited to work alongside Judge Armstrong. Each of the judges who have served in the First Judicial District Court since 1995 have been a mentor and colleague to me.

“Our community deserves a legal system that is accessible, accountable, and compassionate. I want to thank the community for entrusting me with this important role. Additionally, I want to thank everyone in Carson City for voting and their commitment to ongoing justice within our community. Lastly, I want to acknowledge and thank my opponents in this race — Tyson League and Daniel Spence. Campaigning is not an easy endeavor, and it requires a great deal of courage, dedication, and sacrifice. I commend them both for running outstanding campaigns.”

League came in second for the justice of the peace race with 2,731 votes or about 31 percent as of Thursday.

"It has been an honor to run for this position. I respect the choice of the voters, however the full results turn out. Regardless of the outcome, I look forward to continuing to serve Carson City,” said League, a deputy district attorney with the city.

Spence received 1,241 votes as of Thursday.

"Congratulations to Melanie Bruketta; she ran a great campaign,” Spence said. “I am excited to see her on the bench and wish the best for her.”

For Carson City School Board District 7, Michelle Pedersen was just shy of clinching the 50+1 percent needed for the seat. She received 4,182 votes or 48 percent as of Thursday. John Henley was in second with 2,259 votes followed closely by Joy Trushenski (2,211 votes). It was unclear Thursday which candidates would move on to the general with Pedersen, or if Pedersen could win the seat outright.

Nevada Assemblyman P.K. O’Neill, R-District 40, earned 3,814 votes from Carson City as of Thursday versus challenger Drew Ribar’s 1,040. In partisan races, the top vote-earner continues to November against the opposing party, and the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office had O’Neill winning more than 77 percent of the total vote (including Washoe and Storey counties).

“I am very happy with the results,” O’Neill told the Appeal. “I greatly appreciate the support and the confidence the voters have shown in the job that not only I have done, but the Assembly Republican Caucus and the governor have done for our state. Hopefully, we’ll carry it forward into the general and the next legislative session.”

O’Neill is set to face Democrat challenger Katherine Ramsey in the general.

Also appearing in the general because no primary was needed will be Mark Krueger and Kristin Luis for First Judicial District Court Department 2 (Luis was temporarily appointed to the seat by Gov. Joe Lombardo), Supervisor Lisa Schuette against challenger Lucia Maloney for Board of Supervisors Ward 4, and incumbent Mike Walker against challenger Ashliee Saucedo for Carson City School Board District 5.

Rebecca Roberts is running unopposed for Carson City School Board District 2, and Ward 2 Supervisor Maurice White and Justice of the Peace Thomas Armstrong (Department 1) are also running unopposed.

Carson City Primary Election Results as of Friday afternoon: 


Lori Bagwell    5105    46%

Jim Shirk    3440    31%

Devan Doan    1046    9%

Jason Hastings    1152    10%

William Maher    438    4%

Total votes    11483

Carson City Justice and Municipal Court Department 2

Melanie Bruketta    5902    56%

Tyson League    3173    30%

Daniel Spence    1416    13.5%

Total votes    10491

Carson City School     Board District 7

Michelle Pedersen    4962    49%

John Henley    2692*    26.5%

Joy Trushenski    2514*    24.7%

Total votes    8652
* Too close to call

Carson City     numbers:

Nevada State    Assembly District     40 (Republican)

P.K. O’Neill    4331

Drew Ribar    1175

Total votes    5506

Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents District 9

Carol Del Carlo    6110

Bret Delaire    1871

Gary Johnson    1850

Total votes    9831

Nevada State Board    of Education District 2

Matthew Buehler    1866

Paul “Doc” Davis    2151

Dorzell King Jr.    900

Angela Orr    4931

Total votes    9848

U.S. Congress District 2 (Republican)

Mark Amodei    3651

Fred Simon    2024

Total votes    5675

U.S. Senate (Democrat)

Jacky Rosen    3659

Mike Schaefer    63

Troy Zakari Walker    84

None    87

Total votes    3893

U.S. Senate (Republican)

Sam Brown    3358

Bill Conrad    179

Walter Grady Jr.    741

Jeff Gunter    570

E.T. Hamilton    10

Ronda Kennedy    53

Barry C. Lindemann    20

Garn Mabey    49

Jim Merchant    305

Gary Marinch    7

Stephanie Phillips    78

Vincent Rego    17

None    340

Total votes    5727

Statewide numbers: (as of Thursday afternoon)

Nevada State Assembly District 40 (Republican)

P.K. O’Neill    4835    77%

Drew Ribar    1417    23%

Nevada System of    Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents District 9

Carol Del Carlo    22030    57.5%

Gary Johnson    9010    24%

Bret Delaire    7264    19%

Nevada State Board    of Education District 2

Angela Orr    47883    49%

Paul “Doc” Davis    20371    21%*

Matthew Buehler    19887    20%*

Dorzell King Jr.    9358    9%

U.S. Congress District 2 (Republican)

Mark Amodei    38748    64%

Fred Simon    21508    36%

U.S. Senate (Democrat)

Jacky Rosen    136015    92%

Troy Z. Walker     5,454    3.7%

None    3,755    2.5%

Mike Schaefer    3392    2.3%

U.S. Senate (Republican)

Sam Brown     96,624    60%

Jeff Gunter    24,105    15%

Jim Merchant    10,616    6.5%

Walter Grady Jr.    8791    5.5%

None     6640    4%

Bill Conrad    5732    3.6%

Stephanie Phillips    3531    2.2%

Garn Mabey    1732    1%

Ronda Kennedy    1673    1%

Barry C. Lindemann    810    .5%

E.T. Hamilton    441    .27%

Vincent Rego    291    .18%

Gary Marinch    222    .14%


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