Carson High Spotlight: Sophia Bonilla

Sophia Bonilla

Sophia Bonilla

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Sophia Bonilla is a shining star at Carson High School. Bonilla has been involved in many activities including being a member of the National Honor Society. This has allowed her to volunteer at places like Seeliger and Fremont Elementary schools in their blood drives. She has volunteered at the North Pole Village in Sparks and helped out at the Children’s Museum during the Chinese New Year. She also is a member of HOSA, competing in PSA and is part of the courtesy corps for upcoming events. Bonilla loves volunteering.


As well as being a very involved senior in HOSA and NHS, she challenges herself with her classes. She has taken Advanced Placement and Honors level courses, maintaining A’s and a few B’s during the past three and a half years. She knows that she can work hard in her classes, even if she finds the subject challenging. Sophia loves meeting new people and making new friends. She believes the more diversity and new experiences you have, the more you will discover about yourself. Sophia’s dad is her greatest influence in her life. He encourages her to be the best that she can be and pushes her gently forward when she is struggling.


Sophia plans on attending the University of Nevada, Reno in the fall and taking the medical pathway in her goal of becoming a pediatric emergency room nurse. She loves kids and wants to make them feel less alone when they have to come to see a doctor. Carson High School is very proud to recognize Sophia Bonilla as the Senior in the Spotlight and know she will continue to make CHS proud.


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