Letter: What about the woman in the womb?

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To the Nevada Appeal March 16 guest column, status of abortion bill in Nevada, I ask, what about the woman in the womb?

Today we know “she” is ALL there. It is irrefutable biological (scientific) fact that the fertilized egg is complete… nothing will be added to the first cell after conception except NUTRITION and OXYGEN; color of hair, eyes, skin, height etc. is fully present. Good for Alabama recognizing her as a “child,” not a choice.

I wonder if others noted the irony of Ms. Battaglia condemning a “state supreme court judge” for determining a fetus is indeed a child… yet condoning the endorsement of the “Nevada Legislature” for a bill on the ballot to enshrine the right to terminate it.

Hopefully she and all those approached to sign the petition, will reconsider and contemplate what it ultimately means: the degradation and moral decline of a nation that throws away the most vulnerable and innocent of its own kind.

Joy Uhart 



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