State Board of Ed anticipates September launch on start times survey

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The Nevada State Board of Education has proposed a September launch for a statewide survey regarding high school start times to be distributed to stakeholders, educators, families and students after reviewing questions and providing feedback during its May 1 meeting.

Board members expressed concerned about language of the questions, making sure they weren’t leading for respondents, and translations available. Some also were concerned about length, since some noted the longer some surveys are, the less likely they are to be returned.

Member René Cantú, executive director of Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates, said he was concerned overall about its accessibility to families as the survey is meant for decision-makers for students.

“If we’re reaching families, many of whom have limited educational attainment, we need to make it as accessible and as understandable as possible,” he said. “And what stood out to me on this slide is the last bullet referencing ‘circadian rhythms,’ and many people might not know what a circadian rhythm is. I would want language that is simple.”

He also referred to an earlier comment he made about providing translations in Tagalog to underrepresented families, which he said often are challenging for survey platforms to disseminate in an accurate manner.

Discussion also asked about target demographics. Eureka County Superintendent Tate Else asked whether the survey would be disseminated to high school seniors, who will have exited the system and might not feel the topic will be relevant to them after the new school year.

Board members discussed the optimal launch date, seeking at first to have it available by the end of this school year but acknowledging it would be difficult. A September launch, Board President Felicia Ortiz noted, means the board would not receive results until at least its October meeting.

“I really would like to be cognizant of having more students having an opportunity and the exposure to take it,” she said.

The board passed a motion to review changes to the survey and bring it back for approval to give members an opportunity to test it with the expectation it would go live in September.


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