Rosie makes appearance at Humane Society fund-raiser

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Rosie the Rottweiler, found chained to a motor home in Mound House last month, will make an appearance tonight at the Capital City Humane Society fund-raiser dinner at B'Sghetti's Restaurant.

"She is doing fine," says Tom Blomquist of the Silver Springs Spay and Neuter Project. Rosie will give paw-print "autographs" at the dinner.

She was found chained to an abandoned motor home off Kit Kat Road in Lyon County. With eight puppies wandering around her, her eyes were so infected, they were swollen closed.

But the Rosie coming to dinner Monday is a new dog, thanks to Kathi Unruh, who found her, and Lee and Tom Blomquist, who cared for her. The Blomquists spent $400 on a dog run for Rosie and her puppies. She has healed from eye surgery and been adopted into a new home -- as have all her puppies.

Rosie will be called Brandy by her new owners in Silver Springs.

"They love her," said Blomquist of the couple. "They love her."

Tonight's dinner is the main fund-raiser of the Capital City Humane Society, according to Blomquist. The funds will not go to the Silver Springs Spay and Neuter Project, but that doesn't worry Tom Blomquist.

"Anything that helps animals is helping us," he said. He described how Isabel Young of the Humane Society gave $200 to the effort to save Rosie after she heard what happened. Now that Young is working to develop an animal shelter in east Carson City, Blomquist is eager to help her out.

"I really hope that she and her group can be successful in getting a shelter," he said.

Since 1995, the Blomquists have helped spay and neuter animals and nurse many back to health. Their Silver Springs property is home to 20 dogs and nine cats.

The Humane Society dinner will include two kinds of Italian pasta and three sauces: no-neat marinara, meat marinara and alfredo. Also served will be salad with Italian dressing, garlic bread and wine.

The dinner is at 5:30 p.m., and tickets are $12.

For more information about Rosie, call the Silver Springs Spay-Neuter Project at 577-3518 or the Carson City Humane Society at 841-1911.

If you Go

What: Humane Society fund-raiser dinner

When: Tonight at 5:30 p.m.

Where: B'Sghetti's Restaurant, 318 North Carson St.

Call: 887-8879


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