Patti Briggs works up success

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Patti Briggs spends much of her work day kicking and screaming.

And as a cardio kick boxing and yoga instructor, Briggs encourages her students to do the same.

"Fitness is my passion," Briggs said. "There's nothing else I'd rather do."

Her life-long commitment to exercise began early. She was 6 when her father died of a heart attack.

"I found out heart disease was genetic and I didn't want to be in the same boat so I started to work out," she explained. "I thought it would really be great to help other people, in a way to save lives, by teaching the importance of fitness and exercise."

By 16 she was teaching aerobics and 22 years later -- now nationally certified -- is still helping others get in shape through classes and personal training at Silver State Fitness.

Born and raised in Carson City, she graduated as Patti Wedge from Carson High School in 1981. She and her husband Joe, from Montana, met here and they will be married 14 years in March. They own and operate Ponderosa Stamp and Engraving.

"We're soul mates," she said. "I thought that the day we met."

If fitness is her passion, her life is her family.

She and her husband have an 11-year-old son, Brandon, a fifth-grader at Fritsch Elementary School.

"The center of my husband's and my life is our son," she said. "We live and breathe him."

When she first began fitness instruction, she taught up to three classes a day. Now, she teaches one in the middle of the day to leave her afternoons free to take Brandon -- and usually some of his teammates -- to soccer games and practices.

She is also certified as a substitute teacher but prefers to spend time volunteering in her son's classroom.

"As Brandon gets older, I'm just following his interests," she said.

Although she stresses moderation, there are times when balancing it all can seem like too much.

"Sometimes I cry," she said. "Sometimes I'm very overwhelmed."

However, she said she often finds solace through teaching yoga every Tuesday and Thursday.

"That's my time. It's such a positive class," she said. "Yoga has done phenomenal things for me."

Briggs said it is important to keep her classes affordable, setting the price at $4 per session.

"I don't do it for the money," she said. "I do it because I care about people and want to help them."

She also learns the names of all of her students.

"My goal in my classes is I don't ever want anyone to feel uncomfortable," she said. "I really try hard to welcome people to my classes."


For information about classes or personal training call Silver State Fitness at 283-2808 or stop by 1945 Idaho St.


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