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The Appeal staff is now well equipped in the matter of local transportation. The office has been supplied with two bicycles and one tandem tricycle. The morning carrier distributes the paper on a bicycle, finding this advantageous with the constantly growing list of subscribers. The printers, when going to lunch, mount the silent wheel and skim like swallows along the street. The Appeal is the first newspaper to introduce the bicycle in connection with newspapers in the state.


The county treasurer and tax collector says he will accept nothing but coin, currency or money orders for the payment of bills owed the county for taxes. That means that clearing house certificates issued to pay railroad workers in California and checks on any banks will not be accepted. It is noted that clearing house certificates are unlawful according to the Nevada Constitution.


The proposed "white way" for the 12 blocks of Carson Street between Washington and Sixth streets will be lighted by 36 lights of 600 candlepower each. District Superintendent Norman C. Brown of Sierra Pacific Power Co. informed the board of Carson City trustees last evening of the improvements at no cost to the city. The present lights are 13 at 400 candle power each. The city's lighting bill at present is $152.30. The proposed lights will cost $297 or $298 to power per month.


A 37-year-old convict that escaped from the state prison yesterday by stealing a truck had less than an hour of freedom before he was recaptured by prison guards. Alva Mullen, serving a five - to 10-year sentence from Las Vegas, was apprehended by Wiley Peebles and Ben Baber after being followed to Brunswick Canyon.


Curry Street or Robinson Street - what should be the "Governor's Walk?" The city planning commission will consider options at a community center meeting. The overall concept of the plan is to invite the public to walk the route.


Nevada's population grew by 93,610 people to almost 1.8 million, with the vast majority of new residents in Southern Nevada. The statewide growth rate of 5.5 percent is up from 4.5 percent the preceding year.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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