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By Trent Dolan

120 years ago

From Round Valley, Inyo County comes the tale of a dog and his master, H. P. Noyes, who had left Sherwin's Station on snow shoes for Bodie taking four days rations. His little dog returned some two weeks later, malnourished and alone. Searchers found the body of Noyes, face down after what appeared to be a heart attack. The little dog, from the tracks around the body, hadn't touched a morsel of the rations and it appeared he had spend many hours defending his master from coyotes.

100 years ago

Miss Sadie Grant will depart this evening for Oakland, Ca., where she will visit her sister, Mrs. William Logon. George Mapes of the Washoe County Bank of Reno is a visitor in this city. The Rev. Francis Robins has been sent to Rawhide as the first minister of the camp.

70 years ago

A glass-bottomed boat and a great quantity of worms Ð worms that will last from one season to the next is now in a plan mobilized by George W. Likes and Obie Harrell, reports the Fallon Standard. "You see, we are building glass bottomed boats where the fish will see 'em; then the fish come up after the worms and bat their brains out trying to reach the bait."

50 years ago

An ordinance to start a regional planning district and commission for Ormsby County was adopted by county commissioners yesterday.

20 years ago

Another hurdle has been cleared for the Carson Chamber of Commerce in the group's effort to gain building funds. The Nevada Legislative Council said it's o.k. for the Chamber to apply for a grant from the Carson City Tourism Authority.

10 years ago

Yerington High is back to normal following the first assembly since a December arrest of a 15-year old accused of plotting murder after ammunition was found in his locker.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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