Pioneer High School students honored

CourtesyThese students at Pioneer High School were named “outstanding” by teachers and other staff.

CourtesyThese students at Pioneer High School were named “outstanding” by teachers and other staff.

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The following were named Outstanding Students for the first semester at Pioneer High School.Diego Lopez — nominated by Mr. BrownDiego Lopez was chosen for his outstanding student award because of his genuine interest to learn and do well with whatever topic we are covering. He works intently to figure out concepts being taught in our chemistry class, and once he feels comfortable will help other students understand the topics as well. He is always willing to answer questions, volunteers ideas during in-class discussion, and is always in attendance and ready to learn. For these things I would like to commend him for being outstanding.Noemi Venegas — nominated by Ms. ReedI am pleased to nominate Noemi as an outstanding student for the first quarter this school year. She has been in our science classes for three years and I have seen her grow into a wonderful young adult.She is very conscientious about her class work.Noemi is friendly, helpful and dedicated to getting an education. She has set high goals for herself and I am lucky to have been her teacher.Ryan Young — nominated by Mr. Zona, principalRyan Young, a senior at Pioneer High School, was nominated for the Outstanding Student Award.His overall drive and determination is evident, and he is always a joy to interact with. Ryan is an inspiration because he hasn’t let obstacles stand in his way of graduating at PHS and helping others along his journey.In addition to working in the main office as the Panther student voice of weekly announcements, he provides a professional and pleasant personality to those he interacts with on a daily basis.Ryan has given student feedback regarding the improvement of his school and is always asking how he can help others. Ryan has successfully completed the Rock Creek Survival experience with Project Discovery and participates in the Panther Rock Climbing club.His extra efforts have helped maintain a positive culture in the office, with his peers, and on the campus as a whole. Congratulations Ryan!Nick Knight — nominated by Ms. UrrutiaNick Knight is my choice for Outstanding Student at Pioneer High School for the first semester. Nick demonstrated hard work and commitment in all of his classes and attained his best overall academic performance in high school.I am very proud of his effort, and I am very proud to name him as my choice for Outstanding Student at PHS!Amy Arias — nominated by Ms. CouncilAmy has been very diligent about her Carson Online courses. She has spent the first quarter, as well as her summer, working to complete classes so that she is on target for graduating on time.I am proud of Amy and the dedication she has shown toward the goals she set for herself. Good job!Haley Machell — nominated by Ms. LauderdaleHaley has been such an outstanding addition to my mathematics classroom. She has a natural mathematical ability and an extremely good work ethic.She finished the semester with 100 percent and not one missing assignment. Haley never complains and has never had any behavioral or academic issues in my classroom. She doesn’t hesitate to help struggling students next her and does so without disrupting the class.I have truly enjoyed getting to be her teacher. Congratulations Haley and thanks for being you.Charlie Jasper — nominated by Ms. WaltCharlie is an outstanding student because she demonstrates good work ethic. Charlie works hard, turns her work in on time, helps other students in class, and has a love for learning.She is a pleasure to have in class.Megan Smith — nominated by Mr. RhoadsMegan Smith has been a dynamic participant in my classes. She was a top student in my English class as we studied “Life of Pi.” She is currently the top student in my English class’s study of “Hamlet.” Her classroom contributions are insightful, helping to make others in the class better students. Megan also is a student leader. She is a vital part of the Speech and Debate Club, and has attended all of the school board meetings this school year.She is a member of Student Leadership, and serves in the cafeteria during lunch.It has been a pleasure to have Megan in my classes.Brianna Fawcett — Ms. LucinianBrianna Fawcett is a creative, outspoken and passionate young woman. It was my pleasure to have her in both my English and yoga classes.She is a dedicated student who pushes herself beyond the comfort zone of most of her peers, and is not afraid to stand out and speak her mind. Her laughter can fill a room, whether she is laughing at herself (which is an important quality in life) or she has picked up on some humor that has been dropped.She took the lead in raising money for Domestic Violence Awareness Month and decided to donate it to a local business that supports children of domestic violence. Brianna is not just an outstanding student, she is an outstanding person to know and be around. The world is lucky to have a strong woman like Brianna to help make the changes that the world is ready for.Nalleli Vieira Rodriguez — nominated by Ms. McMullanNalleli’s academic participation and achievement has been so impressive this past semester in Contemporary Global Issues. Over 99 percent of her assignments earned a perfect score.Every assignment was completed beyond the basic requirements of just an answer. Nalleli is a thoughtful and conscientious student; this evidenced by her 100 percent attendance.It’s been a great joy witnessing Nalleli’s successful accomplishments, and I look forward to her being in any future course.


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