Outstanding students named at Pioneer High



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The following were selected as outstanding students at Pioneer High School this semester:

Miranda Stainbrook

“I have known Miranda Stainbrook throughout her high school career. She is a student who has worked extremely hard against many odds to come to school, to remain at school and to excel in her educational pursuits. She and her twin sister are lovely young ladies who are looking toward the future with great anticipation and fun!” — Ms. Reed, science teacher

“Miranda Stainbrook is pure joy. She brings a light with her wherever she goes, and it spreads into those around her. She works hard in the classroom to accomplish her tasks, and does it with creativity and excitement, openly sharing what she thinks, and what she has learned. She was one of only 10 students in an advanced English/science class, and she was always willing to dive into her curiosity and discover new things. A young woman who always greets others in passing with a smile and a laugh, makes it difficult to be in her presence and not turn up the sides of your mouth. I am so grateful to know her and have her in my life.” — Ms. Lucinian, English

“Miranda Stainbrook is an outstanding student at Pioneer High School for many reasons. She comes to school with a smile on her face and a positive attitude every day. She maintains a high level of energy and involvement in PHS activities and is a motivating force for other students. As a teacher, I always look forward to having Miranda in my class knowing she will make me smile. Congratulations Miranda!” — Ms. Urrutia, student services

Alyssa Hernandez

“Alyssa Hernandez is an example of a perfect student. She works hard in class, she helps other students with their work and she completes all of her assignments neatly and on time. She has a delightful personality and is a joy to have in class. Although she is very quiet in class, she is a very hard worker and completes all of her class work neatly and on time!” — Ms. Reed, science teacher

“Alyssa Hernandez was a stellar student in the English class that studied ‘Hamlet.’ But she has become more than just a student in the Elsinore Appeal class. She has grown and matured into a leader in the Elsinore Appeal class. She has performed beyond expectations, and has impressed her attorneys general coaches. Her dedication and exemplary citizenship have set the standard for other students in this class. Her effort has improved the educational opportunities for other students.” — Mr. Rhoads, English teacher

“Alyssa Hernandez is always a pleasure to have in class. The amount of growth that I’ve seen in her in the short time that she has been here has been immense. She never complains and always has a positive attitude in class. Her sweet demeanor always makes my class enjoyable. Not only is she motivated in her school work but her behavior is exemplary as well. You are truly amazing Alyssa, keep up the great work!” — Ms. Lauderdale, mathematics teacher

Sierra Martin

“Sierra Martin, a senior at Pioneer High School, is being nominated for the Outstanding Student Award. Sierra always has a smile on her face and her positive attitude is infectious. She is witty, has great sense of humor, and is one of the happiest students I have ever met. Sierra has successfully completed her core classes and several of the Project Discovery events throughout the last few years. Sierra recently presented at the school board regarding the use of the 1:1 Mobile Lab project with another student and two of her teachers. Some of Sierra’s favorite classes at PHS have been psychology, yoga and English. Her favorite outdoor event was Rock Creek, a four-day survival expedition. Sierra will be attending WNC when she graduates and then plans to attend the University of Oregon to become a marine biologist and veterinarian. Congratulations Sierra!” — Jason Zona, principal

“Sierra Martin has consistently placed as the top student in her geometry class. Sierra has been more than the ideal student. In order to achieve the highest grades and my deepest respect, she has demonstrated outstanding leadership and maintained a clear sense of purpose. She is an energetic, enthusiastic leader in all jobs of his class as well as voluntary activities held by school. Sierra is also very responsible to her work and is able to handle the pressure of deadlines very well. She has an extremely amiable personality and is popular among her classmates as she shows great consideration and deep respect for others. Being honest and hardworking, Sierra demonstrates the best of behavior and excellent study habits.” — Ms. Walt, math teacher

“Sierra Martin is such an incredible individual it is difficult to put into words. She is a young woman who shines through all challenges placed in front of her. She is a natural born leader, and an honorable one at that. I watch her in class working with other students, explaining assignments, keeping them on track and organized, while doing it all with a caring kindness that makes everyone feel comfortable. She performs at the top of her class within the academic setting, and keeps up with the best of them outside of the classroom. Sierra is a young woman who has the power to make truly beautiful changes in the world. The song she wrote and sings out, ‘Let it Pass,’ is a wonderful reflection of her message to all those who struggle from time to time.” — Ms. Lucinian, English

“Sierra Martin is sunshine on a cloudy day! Her warm smile mirrors her excitement for learning. Her effervescence reaches into the darkest corner of every group she joins. She is able to take any occasion and make it a positive and wonderful one. She is outstanding as both a student and as a person and is a true pioneer of learning, happiness and joy. All of us here at Project Discovery wish her the very, very best!” — Mike Selby, Project Discovery

“Sierra shows up for class every day with exuberance and an eagerness to learn. She pushes herself to always do her maximum best. She is extremely conscientious and responsible. Not only does she work hard to understand and make lessons meaningful to herself, she coaches her classmates and is a great group leader. Sierra lights up the class with her positive energy!” — Ms. McMullan, history teacher

Jorge Castro-Suarez

“Jorge works hard in school with the hopes of graduating in June. He has a great personality and is friendly with all students. Jorge is very respectful to the staff and he is always willing to help both teachers and students. Jorge has a great work ethic and people skills on his job outside of school. He works full time and is being considered for a management position.” — Mr. Olson, counselor

“Jorge Castro has earned recognition as an outstanding student at Pioneer High School. Jorge is a hard-working student that takes his education seriously. He is extremely respectful and compassionate to other students and staff at PHS. Jorge is a pleasure to be around with his calm demeanor and positive attitude. Congratulations Jorge!” — Ms. Urrutia, student support

“Jorge Castro is one of those students who just makes you smile. He has a sweetness that permeates the atmosphere around him. Jorge works hard and stays focused on his tasks, so that he can achieve what he sets his mind to. As a soft spoken and kind individual, he is always ready to lend a helping hand where he can and is never afraid to ask for help or clarify instructions or expectations. With the natural qualities the he possesses, Jorge will move through this life as an individual who cares for others and succeeds in the areas of his dreams. I am grateful to know him and to have had the opportunities to work with him.” — Ms. Lucinian, English

Michael O’Hare

“Michael is a new student to my class this last semester. He has been extremely cooperative and is always respectful. He gives 100 percent to every assignment without complaint on a daily basis. He is motivated and always a pleasure to have in class. I look forward to having him as a student again in the following school year. Keep it up Michael!” — Ms. Lauderdale, math teacher

“Michael O’Hare is a young man who sits in class with a focused attention that stands out from the rest. He has a gentle awareness that brings a calm to those around him, helping to create a classroom environment that makes teaching and learning easier. He works patiently with other members if his group, and does not allow other’s lack of motivation keep him from accomplishing his goals. It is a pleasure to have Michael as a student, and a relief to know that our world has young men like him. I hope to work with him further throughout his time at Pioneer.” — Ms. Lucinian, English

“Michael consistently brings maturity and responsibility to U.S. government. He follows through on all of his assignments and works well with his peers. Michael is respectful and patient towards his classmates. He exemplifies a class-act senior.” — Ms. McMullan, history


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