Outstanding Students named at Pioneer High School

CourtesyOutstanding Students at Pioneer High School for fall of 2011 are, from left to right, Betty Lamas-Landa, Monica Carrillo, Taylor Gregorich, Tim Baylor, Brittany Anderson, Dixxie Hafeman. Not pictured are Noemi Venegas and Karen Stone.

CourtesyOutstanding Students at Pioneer High School for fall of 2011 are, from left to right, Betty Lamas-Landa, Monica Carrillo, Taylor Gregorich, Tim Baylor, Brittany Anderson, Dixxie Hafeman. Not pictured are Noemi Venegas and Karen Stone.

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Eight students have been selected as the Outstanding Students at Pioneer High School. Following is a list of the students, the reasons they were selected and the teacher who selected them.

Karen Stone

"I nominated Karen Stone as my Outstanding Student for first semester. She earned an A in English, and an A in Speech and Debate.

She volunteered to deliver the school announcements on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She possesses a thirst for knowledge, and has demonstrated the ability to be a true learner."

- Mr. Rhoads, English

Noemi Venegas

"Noemi Venegas was chosen for her excellent work in both science and math. When completing recent projects she was always striving to make sure her work was accurate and complete and also spent time trying to take the project further than expectations demanded.

In math class she worked very hard to be sure she was properly preparing for the upcoming proficiency tests as well as assisting the students around her whenever possible.

Overall she has been outstanding and her efforts should be complemented."

- Mr. Brown, science

Dixxie Hafeman

"Dixxie is a young woman who has shown that when she sets her mind to achieve a goal that she does so, beautifully, even in the midst of outside struggles.

Dixxie was a student who would show up every day in yoga class and dedicate herself to the practice, working to get everything she could out of it.

In English class she decided that her life-change project would focus on keeping her grades up, leading her into honor roll status, despite missing several days of school due to a loss in the family.

Dixxie is what an outstanding student and person is, without a doubt. I am honored to honor her."

- Ms. Lucinian, English

Betty Lamas-Landa

"Betty Llamas is an outstanding student at Pioneer High School. She comes to school every day with a positive attitude eager to participate and learn.

She is responsible, dedicated and always has a smile on her face! It is with pleasure that I recognize Betty and her achievements at Pioneer High School."

- Ms. Urrutia, teacher

Brittany Anderson

"Brittany Anderson was a student aid in the office during first semester. She assisted with PHS and Carson Online student needs with an eager and pleasant attitude.

Brittany was extremely reliable, a quick learner, and took initiative as a PHS senior.

She is also participating in the Student Leadership organization which organized campus events throughout the year. Brittany was seen supporting her fellow student leadership officers at several school board meetings.

She also helped design a campus-wide survey to help study the needs for the expansion and rebuilding of the PHS campus next year. The survey she helped create looked at Career and Technology Education options such as (law, nursing, technology, and graphic arts) for next year's Pioneer High School students.

Her creativity and optimistic attitude was appreciated in the main office and her leadership role on the Pioneer High School campus made a positive impact in the community. Congratulations Brittany."

- Mr. Zona, principal and Connie Hernandez, office specialist

Monica Carillo

"Monica Carillo is a student who brightens my work day, every day, twice a day because she is enrolled in two classes I teach at Pioneer High School.

She has worked hard to straighten out some mistakes she made in her past and I am proud of her new habit of making good decisions. She has a bright future and she keeps bettering herself.

Like so many of the students, she has immense potential. I wish they could see themselves through my eyes."

- Ms. Reed, science

Taylor Gregorich

"Taylor Gregorich was a new student to my class this year. He came into the classroom with a positive attitude that never faded throughout the semester.

It made my job easier every single day to have him as part of my class. He never complained and always turned in all of his work on time. He is not only an outstanding student but an outstanding person as well. Your future is bright Taylor!"

- Ms. Lauderdale, math

Timothy Baylor

"Tim has been able to overcome many personal obstacles and focus on his academics since coming to Pioneer High School. He has made positive choices that have him on track to graduate this coming spring. Tim challenges himself and follows through with his goals. It is a pleasure to work with Tim as he is respectful and considerate to his classmates and teachers."

- Ms. McMullen, history


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