Outstanding students named at Pioneer High School



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The following students were named Outstanding Students at Pioneer High School for exceeding expectations.

RJ Cox, nominated by Ms. Reed:

I am recognizing Rudy Jay (RJ) Cox as an outstanding student for the winter quarter. RJ was a student in our health class.

At first, RJ was struggling with the classwork, but as soon as he had his 18th birthday, RJ’s attitude toward school dramatically improved! He earned his health credit and is currently enrolled in a science class where he is exceeding all expectations. He continues to complete his classwork on time, he participates in class discussions and he helps other students with their work. I am so very proud of RJ and his transformation into a very good student!

Jose (Tony) Castillo, nominated by Ms. McMullan:

Tony Castillo was enrolled in both Contemporary World Issues and U.S. history last semester. In both classes, he posed interesting questions and added thoughtful insights to our discussions.

Tony’s good nature made it easy for students to team with him on the various class projects. He consistently made sure his assignments were turned in as well as followed through on any absent work. Tony embodies the Pioneer High spirit of creating successes from his opportunities.

Andrew O’Daye, nominated by Ms. Lucinian:

Andrew O’Daye is an outstanding student and overall outstanding human being. He is a young man who sits in class and is fully present, looking up, listening, and nodding or laughing on cue.

He is the type of person that holds doors and says good morning. I appreciate his presence when he is in my class and feel his absence when he is gone.

I am grateful to have a young man like Andrew O’Daye in the world today. It’s a great day with O’Daye — a person who stands out of the crowd, outstandingly.

Betty Lamas-Landa, nominated by Mr. Zona:

Betty Lamas-Landa, a junior at Pioneer High School, is ranked second in her class as a junior and was recently recognized for being on the PHS honor roll for the second quarter.

On her current route of coursework, she will have the option of graduating early to seek additional college credit before the end of her senior year at PHS. Betty has been a helpful addition while working in the main office as a student aide and successfully completed the annual Art and Psychology of Yoga experience at Sand Harbor.

Betty enjoys photography and singing in her spare time and her drive and determination with her academics has been recognized.

Her extra efforts at PHS have helped maintain a positive culture in the office, with her peers, and on the campus as a whole. Though she has not decided on which college to attend, she has expressed interest in social work to help other students.

Congratulations Betty!

Traysen Geraldo, nominated by Ms. Council:

Traysen Geraldo came to Pioneer High School in the middle of the second quarter. He started his Carson Online course late, and while working diligently to complete it, he finished up earlier than expected!

Good job Traysen!

Daniel Ellis, nominated by Mr. Rhoads:

Daniel Ellis has been selected as an outstanding student because of his growth as a student and maturity as a person.

He has exhibited tremendous growth as a student in my classes. His effort in English class as we studied “Hamlet” as well as his leadership in his criminal justice classes is noteworthy and praiseworthy.

I look forward to additional classes with Daniel as a student, and have tremendous hope in his potential as he works toward accomplishing his dreams.

Hunter Wilfert, nominated by Mr. Johnson:

He is an intuitive learner with a joy for learning. Always positive in class, he helped create a positive and constructive climate in the class.

He was able to absorb and synthesize the events and ideas then make insightful conclusions about the flow of history we were studying in a way that added depth to the lessons.

Hunter will be able to go and do whatever he puts his mind to.

Matt Linder, nominated by Ms. Walt:

Matt is a student that always shows initiative above what is expected. Matt always thinks things through for himself and has consistently proved to be a hard working student. It is truly a pleasure to have Matt in my class and I look forward to watching what he will do with his future.

Congratulations Matt!

Kristian Fountain, nominated by Ms. Lauderdale:

It is difficult to summarize all of the outstanding qualities that Kristian has because there are so many. Kristian always give 100 percent, and consistently has a positive attitude.

Not only does he turn in every assignment, he does every extra credit assignment that is offered as well. With 104 percent in my Algebra class, Kristian is always a pleasure to have in class.

Congratulations for being so awesome!


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