Long arm of the law

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The long arm of the law captured the dance floor Friday night in the seventh annual Dancing with the Starts at the Churchill County High School gym.

Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Daniel Anderson and his partner Skylar Jones wowed both the crowd and judges with their Broadway rendition of a Western Polka. Both Anderson and Jones performed a well-choreographed dance that was noted by judge Jerry Lynn.

“Absolutely amazing,” she said after the couple finished their dance.

Debora Edwards, who organized the Fallon Swing Dance Club before moving out of the area several years ago, returned as a judge. Edwards, who is tall, eyed Anderson and asked him where he was when she needed a partner.

Judge Jeci Smith said both Anderson and Jones danced well together.

After the competition, Anderson was surrounded by well wishers and several troopers,.“We were excited, and we both worked extremely hard to win first place,” he said.

Initially, Anderson said he was reluctant to accept the invitation as a dancer, but as time progressed, the Fallon trooper said he was excited to do it.

“He picked up the dance so fast,” Jones said.

Although she felt they danced well, she was a little nervous with the dancers who followed.

Dr. Lana Narag and Ethan Overlie placed second with their rendition of the East Coast Swing choreographed by Overlie. Set against a backdrop of a park light pole and bench, the couple showed their athleticism in completing their steps.

Narag said she felt very blessed with the support from her family and friends and to those who helped her with the dancing.

“Wow, amazing job” Smith said, when offering her judging comments. “You had really great footwork.”

Lynn said the partnership was great and Narag and Overlie made their moves and executed their turns.

Rear Adm. Andy Lewis was all smiles after the competition when he and his partner, Emma Joyner, took third with a Fox Trot choreographed by Joyner.

“She was great, a very gracious young lady,” said Lewis, commander of the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center. “I had fun, and I love doing this.”

Lewis praised the community and said he enjoys living here with his family.

Edwards’ comments about their dance were to the point.

“It was wonderful. I always like working with the military because they always have nice posture,” Edwards said.

Lynn called the choreography “beautiful” while Smith said the routine was very creative.

The five remaining couples also performed well, drawing the praises of the three judges and the loud applause from the audience.

Teacher Jenny Young and partner Thomas Robertson danced a Jitterbug/Cha-Cha. Smith said she loved the character in which the two delved in, while Edwards said, “You had the blast of your life out there.”

Lynn said the performance made her smile.

Natalie Parrish, executive director of the Fallon Chamber of Commerce, and her partner, Louie Mori, performed a version of the Tango/Cha-Cha.

Lynn said the couple performed a great routine, and Edwards oohed over their perfect steps and dancing skills.

“I’m speechless,” Smith said. “Great job.”

Julie Evans, who works at Oasis Academy, and Haydn Klein danced to the East Coast Swing/Cha-Cha. Edwards called the dance one of high energy, and Smith said she enjoy the “fun dance.”

Lynn said she like the partnership, great costume, great music and great energy.

Dr. Raymond Ryan from Banner Churchill Community Hospital and Chelsea Gatlin did the Fox Trot to the music of “The Pink Panther.” With Ryan in character, he guided Gatlin effortlessly across the floor.

Ryan, who has lived in Fallon for only a short time, earned Edwards’ praise.

“This is a great way to meet the community,” she said. “I could tell you were very comfortable with your dance moves.”

Fire Marshall Mitch Young and Erin Paranuk did a combination of Mambo, Tango and Fox Trot with a performance capped off by fireworks.

Edwards said the rhythm was good and showed much enthusiasm

“You had a good connection,” she said.

“What a spectacular ending,” Smith added.

In addition to the celebrity dancers, the various youth dance teams also performed to include Competition, Pee Weez, Starz, Kidz and Juniorz as well as the Fallon City Ballet.


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