Letters to the editor for Thursday, March 20, 2014

Have current pharmacies provide medical marijuana

Why not use the pharmacies that are already in the business of providing medical marijuana, instead of allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry to open a outlet that will have a problem controlling the sale. They are controlled and pay taxes and are set up to handle the problems this is going to cause.

Bill Beil

Carson City

Obamacare a blessing for those who lack coverage

I work two jobs, in retail and for the Feds, and had to MacGyver my broken glasses with a metal twisty tie from the bread because neither job will give me health insurance. God bless Julie from Pritchett Eye Care for fixing them right for free.

It’s a sad, pitiful testament to the state of our nation when you work like a dog two jobs and still can’t get health coverage from your employers. I’m glad I’ll finally get healthcare now thanks to Obama. The GOP (Greed Over People) party is out of touch and has lost its soul. They constantly whine about Obama making healthcare affordable to everyone because they can afford their own. The ones who can’t are too ignorant to want any better for themselves. For “Rethuglicans” wealthcare trumps healthcare. I am among the millions of working poor in the country who desperately need affordable healthcare and am damn thankful for it. And it’s not a “hand out” I feel “entitled” to. I work hard for it every day. Two jobs. Thank you.

Robin Christy

Carson City


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