E. C. Best projects still not complete

E. C. Best Elementary School has a few projects left before completed construction can be signed off on and approved.

E. C. Best Elementary School has a few projects left before completed construction can be signed off on and approved.

The Churchill County School board was brought up-to-date at their Thursday night meeting with problems that E. C. Best Elementary School is experiencing with some of the upgrades that took place during the summer.

Paul Eskeldson, construction manager, informed trustees that there are some projects at E. C. Best that still need to be fixed. He said the two big projects are doors leading into the bathrooms and the concrete not draining.

“First- and second-graders are having problems entering the bathrooms because of the doors,” Eskeldson said. “The concrete isn’t draining water properly either. Both of those issues need to get fixed. Also, the outside bathrooms that are used for the playground are locking so students are having trouble with them.”

Eskeldson said the issues would get fixed. He said the contractor has yet to complete the “punch list” to make sure everything was corrected that needed to be. Eskeldson said once the “punch list” is submitted by the contractor he will then go through the building to make sure everything is up to par before the project is signed off on and the contractor receives the remaining balance for $189,000.

Trustee Steve Nunn asked if there would be a legal penalty if the money is held until the contractor finishes the job.

“No there will not be a legal penalty,” Eskeldson said. “It is in the contract that we have with the contractor and they must finish the job in order to get the remainder of the money. If we have to hire another company to finish the job we will deduct what ever that cost is from what the original contractor is owed.”

E. C. Best Principal Keith Boone said he is 90 percent happy with the job and 10 percent unhappy. He said he would be completely happy if the issues were fixed and hopes that can be done in timely manner.

Other items trustees approved and/or discussed include the following:

Approved Nov. 6 at 6:30 p.m. as the date to hold the Common Core community symposium at the Pit in the Old High School building. Representatives for and against Common Core will be in attendance to discuss the nationwide program.

Approved award of a contract to Nelson Electric of Sparks in the amount of $238,013 for construction of the Churchill County High School Theater lighting and A/V upgrades project.

No action was taken on discussing different scenarios for funding of the maintenance costs of the auxiliary gym.

No action was taken on the role of the school board trustees in setting school policies and regulations.


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