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100 Years Ago

Charles E. Hughes twice today declared himself in favor of an amendment to the federal constitution granting the vote to women throughout the United States. In a speech today before 500 women of the Women’s Roosevelt League for Hughes, the nominee declared the question was affecting the whole country and that he favored “taking the shortest cut to its solution.” Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, August 5, 1916

C.L. Benadum, announces the regular five passenger Ford touring car is now sold at $420 and the roadster at $405. This comes in the face of increased prices in most all manufactured products at the present time.

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, August 5, 1916

75 Years Ago

Fallon women - those of them who wear stockings – have not taken the Japanese silk situation as seriously as many of their sisters in the cities. Buying was quite brisk Saturday after national news releases had reported on the Japanese situation and the OPM order halting silk processing by non-defense industries. While nylon is not to be had in quantity, some of the new rayons will so nearly resemble real silk that Fallon’s womenfolks need not fear the necessity of going barelegged, or to resort to cotton with its wrinkles and shapelessness. The Fallon Standard, Wednesday, August 6, 1941

In Helen Mills, Fallon claims to have the only full-time woman taxi driver in Nevada. Operating under the firm name Helen and Robin, Mrs. Mills takes her share behind the wheel seven days a week and her husband Robin handles the other stretch. Long trips over the desert hold no fear for Helen Mills. Many of her fares are mining men and salesmen on hurried trips to mining camps. “I enjoy the work,” said Mrs. Mills. “My passengers are always courteous – one of them even opened the door for me before I had the motor shut off.” The Fallon Standard, Wednesday, August 6, 1941

50 Years Ago

Governor Grant Sawyer placed a kiss on the check of Mrs. Allen, Queen of the Democratic Party in Churchill County. Mrs. Allen was honored as being the Democrat with the longest continuous registration as a voter in the county. She first registered to vote in 1904.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Tuesday, August 2, 1966

Rusty the Visla (a breed of dog) owned by Bill and Wanda Sievers of the Uptown Motel, was honored by a visit from one of the world’s smartest Dobermans, Dixie, the star of KOLO’s “Buckaroo 500.” Dixie and owners, Mr. and Mrs. Buck Weaver, arrived in a specially built Lincoln Continental recently acquired from movie star Audie Murphy. Dixie did many of her tricks for Rusty, including leading Rusty with a rope, laughing at him, standing up and waving goodbye…Six young women spent Friday night in Fallon due to motor trouble on a 10,000 mile tour of the U.S. sponsored by Dee Witt Wallace, editor of Readers’ Digest. Fallon Eagle-Standard, Tuesday, August 2, 1966

From the Past….Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Margo Weldy, Churchill County Museum assistant.


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