View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Another Promise Violated by Wilson Administration. Four years ago the platform on which Mr. Wilson was elected pledged the nominee to one term. Was that pledge broken because the Democratic party never keeps its promises, or was it because the party saw signs of defeat next November and wanted Woodrow Wilson to take the bitter with the sweet? — Western Home Builder.

Churchill County Eagle — September 9, 1916.

On Highway Business. The people of Nevada have been waiting long and patiently for that promised help in the construction of the Lincoln Highway, and now it seems that hopes are about to be realized. H. C. Ostermann, field secretary of the Lincoln Highway association, was here this week on important business in connection with the highway. The object of the trip was to ascertain the most feasible route through Churchill county for building the Lincoln Highway, and they went from here over the route to Stillwater and across the south end of the Silver Range by way of Mountain Wells—a route that has been urged because it would eliminate the famous or infamous mud flats.

Churchill County Eagle — September 9, 1916.

Shooting Affair at Wonder. About 4 o’clock Wednesday afternoon ‘Curley the Barber” fired two shots at his wife, one of which took effect in the right shoulder, causing a severe flesh wound, but she succeeded in evading him and rushed from the house. She had not gone far when she heard two shots and returned to the house to find him lying in a pool of blood.

Churchill County Eagle — September 2, 1916.

75 Years Ago

He Urges Industry to West Nevada. With southern Nevada getting the bulk of defense industries, Senator Pat McCarren recently in conference with President Roosevelt indicated his desire to have national defense activities located and established in northwestern Nevada.

The Fallon Standard — September 10. 1941.

Army to Purchase Horses at Fallon. Horses for the U. S. Army will be purchased at Fallon on Monday, October 6. Horses will be bought according to regulations previously published on several occasions by buyers who will be at Dodge Island ranch.

The Fallon Eagle — September 6, 1941.

50 Years Ago

Serious Damage Done at the Roper Drive In Theater. The Sheriff’s office is still investigating the theft of 32 speakers from the Roper Drive In Theater, causing about 600 dollars’ worth of damage.

Fallon Eagle Standard — September 6, 1966.

Phone Company Sale Downed. The sale of the telephone company, which had opponents and proponents about evenly divided in the county, has left the Churchill County Board of Commissioners with their hands tied. The sale of the telephone company was tied to Senate Bill No. 16 presented to the May 25, 1966 session of the state legislature by Senator Carl Dodge, restricts disposition of proceeds of the sale of the Churchill County telephone system, and provides that the proceeds of such a sale shall be used for capital improvements within the county.

Fallon Eagle Standard — September 9, 1966.

From the Past….Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Cindy Loper, Churchill County Museum assistant.


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