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100 Years Ago

Women to Serve on Juries. The women of Elko County will have an opportunity to serve on the juries the coming year as the board of commissioners have decided to include the women this year. The jury room will be fixed up for the accommodation of women as well as men and from now on the jury box will be occupied by both sexes. This is being done in practically all the counties in this state.

Churchill County Eagle — January 6, 1916.

Spare the Shade Trees. The past few days men have been engaging in converting the large cottonwood trees in the center of Maine street, north of the courthouse, into firewood. Requests have been made for their removal and there have been no protests.

Churchill County Eagle — January 8, 1916.

Some Interesting Project Census. There has been a remarkable increase in farm livestock over 1914. The total number of horses on the project in 1914 was 3,079. Total number in 1915, 3,210. In the year 1914 there were 1,503 dairy cows. In 1915 there were 2,433 head of dairy cows. Sheep are coming to the front. In 1914 there were 1,981 head. In 1915 we find 4,710 head of sheep. This does not include the range sheep in the hills, of which there are thousands but the figures are confined to the project. Hogs increase by 1,000. In 1914 there were 3,815. In 1915 there were 4,836. Turkeys almost double. In 1914 there were 6,972 but in 1915 there were 12,000. In 1914 there were 1,621 stands of bees. In 1915 there were 2,500 stands.

Churchill County Eagle — January 22, 1916.

75 Years Ago

In Total Births of 1940 Girls Win. Fallon girl babies far outnumbered boy babies during 1940. At the Handley Hospital of the 48 babies born, 28 were girls; of the 16 born at home deliveries and in charge of the county public health nurses, 10 were girls, and of those born in Reno and elsewhere eight were girls and four boys, totaling 46 girl babies and 30 boys.

The Fallon Standard — January 22, 1941.

Personal Items from Local Districts. •Miss Eva Charley of Alpine joins the Standard Staff as a correspondent. She will handle news items from the Alpine district. She will include news from Eastgate and occasionally from Westgate. •The two Johnny boys, Anothy and George, left the Alpine school and are now attending the Fallon public school. •Mr. and Mrs. Dave Charley and two girls, Maybelle Charley and Dolores Garcia, were in Fallon for some dental work.

The Fallon Standard ― January 22, 1941.

Actress Needs Her Stolen Costumes. In the classified column of this paper there appears an advertisement offering a reward of $15 for the finder of a small trunk which contains theatrical costumes of no use to anyone but the owner, but of tremendous importance to her, since she is unable to continue the work which means her livelihood.

The Fallon Eagle —January 4, 1941.

50 Years Ago

Cowbelles Plan Family Night. 7:00 pm, January 21, 1966 will be the hour for the chuck wagon dinner bell to ring at the VFW hall setting off the festivities of the Churchill county Cowbelles “family-night” pot-luck supper and regular January meeting. Rounding out the evening will be an interesting and informative moving picture entitled “Where Beef Rings the bell” distributed by the union pacific railroad to help broaden the market and accelerate the demand for finished beef.

A View From The Past…stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Cindy Loper, museum assistant.


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