View from the Past

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100 Years Ago

Rural Schools of Churchill County. The public school is almost always a good index to the character of any community. When one finds a locality where no interest is taken in school affairs you may set it down as a place where but few would care to cast their lot. The condition of educational affairs in Churchill County is such as to invite those settlers who desire to build homes and give their children the best of educational opportunities. To emphasize this fact, one need but visit the new school building in the Harmon district to be convinced that the above statement is correct.

Churchill County Eagle — January 15, 1916.

Hazen Coming to Front. The year 1916 has been a good one for the town of Hazen, which has reason to feel proud over the fact that the post office will take a forward step and advance to an office of the third class. The town has not only made advancement, but also has the benefit of numerous tributary homesteads that are being developed in the adjacent neighborhoods.

Churchill County Eagle — January 6, 1916.

Use Too Much Water. More water means less instead of more alfalfa once a certain limit has been reached. This is the lesson of a six-year field test just completed by the irrigation investigations of the University of California at Davis. Contrary to accepted belief, a limit is soon reached above which the yield of alfalfa actually decreases with increasing amounts of irrigation water applied.

Churchill County Eagle — January 29, 1916.

75 Years Ago

To Spread Fish and Frogs Over Project. Members of the county fish and game control board are laying plans for a seining program under which native perch, croppies, catfish and bullfrogs will be rescued from the fast diminishing water of canals, drain ditches, back-waters and such. Thence these piscatorial entities will be transported and transplanted into neighboring waters of greater constancy..

The Fallon Standard — January 8, 1941.

Clyde Smith Finds Can of Kerosene was Gasoline. Mistaking a can of gasoline for kerosene sent Clyde Smith to the Handley Hospital with second degree burns. His companions extinguished the flames but not before he was badly burned. Clyde has a dog Mack, certainly a one-man dog, which had not eaten since Smith failed to appear at home. Mrs. Smith took the dog to the hospital, hoping to assure him of his master’s safety.

The Fallon Standard — January 8, 1941.

50 Years Ago

Purchase of Fallon Theater. Mr. and Mrs. Frank soltice and their three children from California just made the purchase of the Fallon Theater from the local Whitaker couple. Mr.Soltice has been in the theater business for thirty eight years.

Eagle-Standard — January 7, 1966

V. I. P. Your Baby. Two new baby girls have arrived just in time to be claimed as income tax exemptions before 1965 slipped away. Baby girl Lorene Lee was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Warden of NAAS at Churchill public hospital On December 27th; she is the first born girl with two new big brothers. Baby girl Marilyn Ann was born to Mr. and Mrs. William Labadie that same day at the same hospital, with a new older sister and older brother.

Eagle-Standard — January 7, 1966

A View From The Past…stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Cindy Loper, museum assistant.


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