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I saw “Hillary’s America” at Fox Peak Theater here in Fallon Saturday. There still may be time for you to see it if you haven’t already. It is a powerful film. It bothered me that its dismal message had to be delivered by an immigrant.

But why not? And what better immigrant than someone who had realized the problems in his native India, yearned for the promises of the “Shining City on a Hill” only to find that grass on the other side was not so green after all.

Denish D’Souza takes off the gloves and pulls no punches in portraying the exploitation, subjugation and obfuscation that have evolved into today’s Democrat Party. He raises questions of how that party could even consider putting forth as its presidential nominee someone with the baggage of Hillary Clinton.

He touches on many of her shortcomings although I didn’t think he gave enough emphasis to the list of questionable deaths of people associated with her and husband Bill that have grown over the years. Nor do I think he hit hard enough on the catastrophe of Benzhazi.

The recent Republican National Convention has been described by some pundits as “Hateful”. They must have a different definition of the word. I watched much of those proceedings and saw nothing as hateful as the facts Mr. D’Sousa laid out of the denial of human and civil rights to minorities by American leaders in the Democrat Party from Jackson to Johnson.

Donald Trump may not have all the answers. He may not be as suave as career politicians like Hillary Clinton. But he does have some things going for him, such as he is not a liar and he has not sold his soul to inflate his power and his pocketbook.

Jim Falk

Churchill County



I just read Muth’s “truth” noticed he wrote “lies” in place of “lives” when writing “Black Lives Matter”.

I wonder,

Did he mean to do that {me, I think he did} but that’s just my opinion. See What I did there Chuck, I wrote my opinion as just that, my opinion not fact. I think maybe you should try doing that from time to time. But that’s just my opinion, so you do what you think is best.

I also think that would be good advice for some other “writers” who “write” for the LVN. I won’t name names except for the one I love to hate the most and that would be the “wonderful” Ms. Ann ISAIDITYOUBELIVEITTHATSALLTHEREISTOIT Coulter.

Mike Blodgett

Churchill County



Senators Heller and Reid: Don’t sabotage nuclear deal with Iran.

It’s been a year since the U.S., Iran, and international negotiators reached a historic deal on Iran’s nuclear program. I feel safer because of this deal, and I look to my senators, Senator Reid and Senator Heller, to speak out in support of it.

Since the deal, Iran has dramatically shrunk its nuclear program and submitted to the most comprehensive inspection regime ever negotiated. If the country makes a move to cheat on its commitments, we will know about it.

I’m concerned that attempts by members of Congress to pass new sanctions and other harsh legislation could sabotage the deal and reverse this progress. I hope that our senators will lead efforts to support the gains we’ve made and oppose any efforts to undermine the deal.

Debbie Thomas

Carson City


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