County announces new art exhibit: Striking Pastels

As part of the Celebrate Us program, Churchill County is pleased to announce an art exhibit featuring new works by Tatiana “Tanya” Sozvirskaya on display at the County Administration Building, 155 North Taylor St.

This is Sozvirskaya’s second exhibit with the County and showcases her love for pastels and portraiture.

As a child living in Siberia, Tanya fell in love with nature and its dramatic scenery, and would dream of reflecting her feelings on paper. Tanya never gave up on that dream and attended evening art school while pursuing her degree in Engineering.

Currently, Tanya’s focus is primarily on the medium of pastel.

“I love its velvety surface, deep color and ability to transform it into a painting or drawing,” she said. “Living here surrounded by mountains and open skies has been very inspirational for me.”

“While I will forever be hopelessly in love with nature and its ever changing moods, my current passion is in the figurative and portrait styles, where I wish to concentrate for my future works,” she said.

The Celebrate Us program provides opportunities for local artists to share their creative talents with the community by displaying artwork in a public space. Celebrate Us Coordinator, Julie Guerrero, said the program goal is to showcase local talent right here in our own community, and provide opportunities for hobby artists and professionals alike. If you’d like more information on the Celebrate Us program, contact Julie Guerrero with the County Manager’s Office at (775) 423-5136.


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