Letters to the Editor for Jan. 12, 2019

Support shrinking in Trump’s Oval Office reality show

Only two people, Trump and Senate Leader McConnell, are refusing to fund the six government departments, which have nothing to do with the border issues. By not allowing the Senate to even vote on the House bill (which is the same bill that the Senate approved in December), McConnell is abdicating the Senate’s constitutional authority. The House/Senate bill would also continue funds (including more than $1 billion for border security) to the Department of Homeland Security while allowing open debate on the pros and cons of funding Trump’s “wall.” It remains to be seen whether Trump’s Oval Office reality TV will continue his misguided support among a shrinking minority of the national electorate.

Jon Nowlin

Carson City

Human rights

According to our founding fathers, you have the right to the pursuit of happiness. That means you have the right to pursue your happiness to the best of your abilities under the laws of our country.

The government does not guarantee your happiness; you have to make your bed and you have to take the consequences for all your actions. Sometimes we make poor decisions and it’s nobody’s fault but our own.

We have no right to get free stuff from the government or from anyone else for that matter. If the touchy-feely politicians want to give you free stuff, well, that’s what elections are for. It’s easy to give money away when it’s not your money. Politicians forget that there is no free lunch. Somebody has to pay for our free lunches. So get off your fat A ... and earn your way.

We have no build-in rights for free health care, free college, free food, free housing, free ?? ... free ?? ... free??

If our school districts would start teaching our kids history, they would see some similarities from the past. The Romans ruled the world, but their demise came from within, and the U.S. is following the same stupid philosophy the Romans followed. Learn from other people’s mistakes as well as from our mistakes.

Feryl Fitzgerald

Carson City


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