Democrats sue to expand in-person voting in Nevada

close up of political voting pins for 2020 election on white

close up of political voting pins for 2020 election on white

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Nevada Democrats on Thursday sued to force Nevada to expand in-person voting and be more permissive about how absentee ballots are returned during its June 9 primary that will be held during the coronavirus outbreak.

Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske had shifted the election to nearly all-mail, only permitting a single polling station in each county.

On Thursday Democrats sued to expand the number of voting locations, arguing it would force 87% of the state's population into two locations that could evoke the infamous long lines of Wisconsin's chaotic election earlier this month.

Democrats also asked that Cegavske mail ballots to all voters, not just active ones. And they finally sought a relaxation of state rules that would invalidate ballots because of mismatched signatures and prohibit people from picking up or dropping off other voters' ballots, arguing this disenfranchises people who cannot leave their houses due to the virus.

"I understand the intention behind the decision to make changes to our primary election and applaud the expansion of vote by mail, but we must do more to ensure every Nevadan has the opportunity to make their voice heard," Nevada Democratic Party chairman William McCurdy said in a statement.

Democrats have fought to expand voting by mail and early voting during the virus outbreak.

Some Republicans have joined them, arguing voters must have safe options during the pandemic.

But President Donald Trump has slammed such measures, without evidence, as opening the door to voter fraud.


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