Tom Riggins: Who are the racists?

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We have heard a lot recently about racism. If you dare disagree with the “woke” leftists you will immediately be labeled as such. Nearly always that claim is made without any proof thereof.

This usually occurs when they don’t have any facts to support whatever claim they are trying to make. To turn a phrase from Jeff Foxworthy, in the liberal mind “If you don’t agree with me, you must be a racist.” That raises the question of who are the racists?

Sen. Tim Scott is the only Black GOP senator. He gave the rebuttal to the Biden 100-day speech. He stated in that rebuttal that he did not believe the country to be systemically racist, while acknowledging that some racism exists.

The howls of protest over his perfectly logical position were deafening. He was called a racist (?) and an “Uncle Tim.” Those were the tamer names. The chairman of the Lamar County, Texas Democrat party called Scott a racial slur. He then bowed to demands that he resign, but the Democrat Party refused to accept his resignation. So who are the racists?

An African American Los Angeles teacher went on a rant about police brutality after being pulled over for using a cell phone while driving. Besides immediately calling the officer a murderer, she proceeded to call him a “Mexican racist” that just wanted to be white. Who is the racist?

In his recent State of the State address white North Carolina Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper refused to even acknowledge the state’s first black lieutenant governor, Mark Robinson, a Republican. So who is the racist?

In Virginia, the GOP chose a Black woman to run for lieutenant governor. She is a former legislator and a former Marine. She won her primary. Guess who is trying to claim the election was not legitimate. It isn’t her Republican primary opponents. It is the Democrats, who apparently fear losing to an African American Republican woman. If Democrats were true to their own mantra, they should be applauding, but apparently retaining power trumps offering minorities equal chance at political office. Who are the racists?

During the 2020 presidential campaign Joe Biden during a contentious radio interview, told African Americans “you ain’t Black” if they had a hard time figuring out whether to support him or Trump. Isn’t that paternalistic, condescending, and racist? Where was the pushback? Further, while in the Senate Biden was the law-and-order guy who took credit for passing the 1994 crime bill. That is the tough law that the New York Times says helped to create the era of mass incarceration of Blacks. But that’s OK. Biden’s ancient sins against Blacks are forgotten. Now he’s woke.

Georgia’s recently passed voting law, once you actually read it rather than react to what liberals think is in it, actually expands voting access for all citizens, especially minorities. It is less restrictive than many blue state voting laws, including New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Colorado, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Yet the left loudly proclaims the new law to be a reversion to Jim Crow days and a blatant attempt at suppressing the black vote. So who are the racists here? Maybe those residing in the aforementioned states?

Then-President Trump secured permanent financial help for black colleges, so they wouldn’t need to come back every year, hat in hand, to ask for it. Then-President Obama eliminated a popular school choice program in Washington, D.C., which adversely affected mostly black children. That kept many minorities trapped in failed public schools, limiting their future economic prospects. Who really cared for black students and who threw them under the proverbial bus?

The Democrat Party has its roots in racism The Ku Klux Klan and nearly all of the southern segregationists were proud Democrats. Their rabid support of Planned Parenthood is racist when you realize that its founder, Margaret Sanger, supported eugenics and started Planned Parenthood as an avenue to reduce the black populace. So much for the origins of free choice.

Many major cities have been under Democrat control for decades, including Minneapolis, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. A city runs its police department and other services. Therefore, if there is so much “systemic racism” in these organizations, why hasn't it been fixed over so many years under Democrat leadership? These cities should be Edens of racial tolerance and understanding. Yet they are not. Democrats don’t act. They only use racism as a convenient whipping post against Republicans. So who are the real racists?


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