Letters to the editor for November 17, 2021

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Rain a welcome sight
Coming from a farming family, there has always been some inward connection for me to the land. I could spend minutes or hours taking in the view of a green orchard, pasture, or a parched landscape. Nothing is more relaxing than taking in a quiet landscape and just sitting watching the breeze move through the trees and grasses, and listening to bird chatter and song.
The inner peace embodies one's very soul. It's as if one becomes fully entranced and one with nature, almost mesmerized. What a wonderful escape route to be equipped with, from all the stress and confusion of everyday life.
Better yet, when the autumn or spring rains hit and putter all night long, one can feel a great cleansing effect, as in having a good cry, when missing our friends or loved ones who have passed. Nature: our healer, our peacemaker, our friend. We are lucky to experience her gentle way of caressing our spirits and giving us hope forward especially after a summer full of wildfires and smoke.
Ann Burke
Carson City

Unbelievable precipitation
As we all know we just had one of those “100-year” rain days in the western United States. What you may not know is that the weather activity reported for Dayton is actually taken from the weather station at the junction of State Route 341 and U.S. 50 in Mound House.
The actual weather in Dayton can vary significantly since the Dayton area has its own “micro-climate.” Mound House is more closely aligned with Virginia City when it comes to actual weather occurrences, however it apparently works well for Nevada DOT purposes.
In preparation for this last rain event, I positioned a good rain gauge in an appropriate location to record the rainfall. It was surprising to say the least. From the time the storm began over night from the Oct. 23-24, until it ended on the 25, there was a total rainfall amount of 3.42 inches, with 3.25 inches falling in a 24-hour period from the Oct. 24-25. These figures were taken in east Dayton, in the vicinity of Occidental and Highway 50.
Very thankful in Dayton!
Bill Belcher


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