Easy elevation gain on Bob’s Trail in Carson City

Bob’s Trail has signage along the way to help you stay on track.

Bob’s Trail has signage along the way to help you stay on track.
Kyler Klix/Nevada Appeal

The trail known as Bob’s Trail in Ash Canyon was dedicated to Mayor Bob Crowell prior to his passing. This path takes you away from the city just a little bit with good views of the mountains to the west.
The length is about 2.7 miles out-and-back and is considered moderate because of the slight elevation gain throughout (413 feet). It’s gradual enough that it won’t feel like climbing uphill, but it will be more difficult than walking on a flat surface.

According to alltrails.com, this trail was nicknamed the Jack Rabbit Trail. When you go there today, you’ll see signs marking it as “Bob’s Trail.” The work was done with the help of Muscle Powered. While it’s a great place for people to walk and get some exercise, it is also a popular place for the mountain bikes as well. You can tell from the frequent tracks in the dirt. Although there are plenty of people still enjoying it with their legs. So please stay aware and share the trail.
There is a parking spot on Foothill Drive in Carson City (turning off West Winnie Lane). When you start your hike, you’ll be going slightly uphill right away and it continues until you decide to turn around. It’s an easy path to navigate, although there are several paths along the way that intersect the trail, making it easy to take a different route (it intersects the paved V&T Trail right in the beginning). The Seven Steps Trail was a good one to veer off to create more of a loop. That trail went along Vicee Canyon and followed the canyon back where it looped around and connected back to Bob’s Trail.
There are trails on the other side of the canyon and all throughout, so you can come back and go a different way and not take the same route for a few times.
Vicee Canyon had water trickling through in in March, but there wasn’t much life in terms of vegetation compared to Ash Canyon and Kings Canyon.
There are views of the mountains and you’ll see the city from higher up too. With the brushy habitat, you’ll see and hear plenty of bird action. You might get see some smaller mammals too. There are plenty of jack rabbits too, which might’ve been the reason for the trail’s old nickname.

Carson City is seen from Seven Steps Trail where it meets with Bob’s Trail nearby. Photo: Kyler Klix/Nevada Appeal


Out on the trail there’s a memorial stone left along the trail for a woman named Delia Togoan — born Nov. 22, 1979, and died on Aug. 26, 2014.
Make sure to bring water and proper protection from the sun. There’s no shade along the way until you reach the part where you turn around. A wide-brimmed hat and long-sleeves work best, but since the trail is not too long, sunscreen would be a good option too since you won’t need to reapply halfway through.
Always remember to respect nature and other hikers. Leave no trace and take everything you brought in back with you.
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