Krasner calls for limits on governor’s emergency powers

Lisa Krasner

Lisa Krasner

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Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner says the economy and election integrity are the top issues she heard from voters during her primary campaign for the Nevada Senate District 16 seat.
Krasner, who represents Assembly District 26 and was an assistant minority whip,  defeated appointed incumbent Sen. Don Tatro, 32.5 percent to 27.8 percent, collecting about 800 more votes than Tatro, in Tuesday’s Republican primary. Timothy Duvall and Monica Stabbert also were seeking the GOP nomination.
Krasner will face Democrat Aaron Sims in November’s general election.
Besides the issues she said she heard about on the campaign trail, Krasner said there’s another issue lawmakers must deal with in the 2023 Legislature.
“The governor’s emergency power must be limited to 30 days,” she said. “No more of this two years.”
She said 30 days would give enough time to call a special legislative session, “to allow the experts to come in and testify and allow the people to come in and have a voice in how they think this should be done.”
She described it as a non-partisan issue, framing it as restoring the checks and balances between the branches of government.
Krasner said she is also developing a bill that would require voters to show a government-issued ID at the polls.
She said election integrity came up repeatedly on the campaign trail.
“They want to feel their vote matters,” she said. “They want to feel their vote is secure.”
She said for those who can’t afford a license or other ID, the plan would require the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue an ID for free.
On the economy, Krasner said the state is still recovering.
“Our economy was devastated,” she said. “Many small businesses were forced to close down. We need to get our small businesses and our medium businesses back.”
She said was “grateful and honored” that the GOP voters in District 16 voted to make her their nominee in the general election.


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