Letters to the editor for June 18, 2022

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Thank you for Survivors Day
We want to thank the Carson City Cancer Center (Carson Tahoe Health) for hosting the June 5 Survivors Day celebration.
Volunteers and staff members had nothing but smiles and encouragement for us. It was a busy, upbeat affair with folks of all ages engaged in creative activities.
We both are cancer survivors and we enjoyed being at the center for this event; it was the highlight of our day and much appreciated. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, whether it was receiving and discussing various brochures, or tie-dying T-shirts, working with beads and hoops, tying fishing lures, etc. Everyone also enjoyed the fresh, tasty, substantial lunch.
Thanks to everyone involved.
Robert Fleischer
Penny Fairfield

Carson City

Guns aren’t the problem
How do you justify taking away the right of an 18-year-old man to buy a rifle and yet call him up for the draft to maybe sacrifice his life?
How about instead have our almighty media, television, radio, and newspapers stop glorifying the insane killers that are given day-after-day publicity, names, and pictures of these mental defectives who are shown time and time again until it turns out to be a contest of who can rack up the most victims and stay in the headlines the longest.
Surely there are some good things going on in the world… oh wait, that doesn’t sell newspapers or get votes, does it? How about schools and parents take the time to talk and listen to what these sick people are saying before it gets to be a problem? How about enforcing the laws we already have on the books? Black powder rifles and flintlocks were the “assault” weapons of 1776.
Ann Hersey


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