Primary Election 2022: Nevada Lieutenant Governor- Democrats

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Candidate Eva Chase didn’t respond to multiple requests for participation.

Lisa Cano Burkhead
Occupation: Lt. Governor and teacher

Lisa Cano Burkhead

 Record of service:

I’ve dedicated my life to education. For a decade, I taught English and Spanish in Clark County schools before becoming the Dean of Students and Assistant Principal at Eldorado High School. I then spent several years as chief of staff to Northwest Region Superintendent Richard A. Carranza, before going to Fertitta Middle School as a principal. For the past six years, I served as principal at Foothill High School. In 2021, after 25 years as an educator, I retired from the Clark County School District but that hasn’t stopped me from serving the community and making education a foundational element in children’s lives. In addition to my roles as Lt. Governor, I’m a substitute teacher, as well as an education coach where I work with principals on how to better connect with students and build classrooms that fosters learning.

I graduated from the University of Redlands, with a double major in English and Spanish and I also got my teaching credential there.

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for:
I serve as Chair of the Commission on Tourism and Advisory Board on Outdoor Recreation, and Vice Chair of the Board of Transportation. I also am a public advocate for public education and member of the Board of Economic Development, Executive Branch Audit Committee and Keep Nevada Working Task Force.

A brief statement about your platform:
We know education is an investment we make in our children that pays dividends throughout their lives. My focus is to look at how we reform the current structure of school districts to address the vulnerabilities and blind spots in how they support educators and students as
they go through K-12 schools. Additionally, a top issue for me is supporting small businesses and providing small businesses a one-stop shop through my Office of Small Business Advocacy, when they need an answer or have a barrier to creating their own economic opportunity. While so many people think of Nevada as the gaming capital of the world, the reality is there are nearly 300,000 small businesses in Nevada with more than half a million employees. Also, I’ll be focused on fighting to protect prevailing wages and project labor agreements so that Nevada public works are done by high skilled, high quality Nevada union workers. Finally, I’m working with Governor Sisolak and our federal partners to rebuild our communities and ensure that public dollars are spent on good quality union labor so that public works last for our community.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?
As an administrator and school principal, I worked every day to build community. I bring this leadership style with me to the Office of Lieutenant Governor. I never sought the office, but when Gov. Sisolak offered to appoint me, I knew I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to serve. My life’s work has been education and working with students, educators and parents to build community and empower them as a leader. That is what I am doing as Lt. Governor and what I intend to continue doing when I win reelection.

Kimi Cole
Occupation: Retired
Age: 67
Contact information:

Kimi Cole

 Record of service:

Chair Emeritus, Douglas County Democrats (8 years, Chair); Chair, Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus since 2017; Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Board (7 years); Silver State Equality Board of Advisors (2 years)

Reno schools, K-12; UNR, Reno; TMCC; Rapport Leadership International, Master Graduate

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.
Chair, Commission on Tourism; Board Vice-Chair, NDOT; Board, Economic Development; Exec. Branch Audit Committee; Homeland Security–continuity of government in absence of Governor. ( Also–Provide vision and inspiration within government)

A brief statement about your platform:
Whether we’re discussing Economic Development with a focus on small business sustainability, Public Transportation, Affordable Housing, Healthcare, or the environment, the goal is to create situations that are livable for all, rather than just profitable for a few.
I believe in seeking models for solutions, rather than just pointing out problems.
So many of our issues are intertwined, that we must address solutions as a whole, rather than just pursuing piecemeal approaches.
As we look at developing economies and tourism, we must absolutely seriously consider public transportation, the condition of our roads, the availability of electric charging stations, and the demands that this will put on our inner infrastructure.
Regarding the climate, it is in our hands to make drastic changes, but our window of opportunity is rapidly shrinking. The choices we make today, will define the quality of our lives in the future.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?
I’ve lived in Nevada since 1956, attending Reno are schools, UNR, and WNC. Through business and political outreach, I have traveled the entire state many times, and come to respect and appreciate the experiences and perspectives of people from all backgrounds and all areas of the state. I believe it is time we focus on the state as a whole and move away from the extreme political polarization our state and our country are experiencing. Experience has taught me that, beyond initial differences between folks in different areas and from different backgrounds, many issues are common, regardless. As I speak to people around Nevada, whether urban or rural, consistently there is concern for the economy, the availability of affordable housing, access to quality, affordable healthcare, access to clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.
It is with those observations in mind that I fully intend to engage with groups from as many areas as possible, to find areas of common interest, and set an example for what can be accomplished when we work together toward solutions. As a former Lt. Governor shared with me, this office can be so much more than just the technical descriptions of duties. It provides opportunities to shine a light on most pressing issues, and to convene key stakeholders to develop solutions for challenging situations. I believe I have a unique perspective and temperament to develop and embrace such effective avenues of communication, to move Nevada successfully toward the future.

Debra March
Age: 68
Occupation: Mayor of Henderson

Debra March


Record of service:
Began my career as a park ranger in Red Rock and Lake Tahoe. I then worked as a social
worker and district office manager in Ely, serving 5 rural counties, Lincoln, Eureka, White
Pine, Lander and Nye for eight years.
• Worked as Deputy Administer for Nevada Real Estate Division under Governor Miller.
• Marketing Director of Economic Development for the City of Las Vegas.
• Spent 15 years as Executive Director of UNLV’s Lied Institute for Real Estate Studies.
• Served on the City of Henderson Planning Commission from 2004 to 2009.
• Appointed as Henderson Councilwoman to serve in Ward II in July 2009 and was
subsequently elected in 2011 and reelected in 2015.
• Elected Mayor of Henderson 2017.
• Current chairwoman of the Regional Transportation Commission and the Regional Flood
Control District.
• Immediate past chairwoman of Southern Nevada Strong, a collaborative regional effort to plan, create and sustain neighborhoods.

Education: Graduate of University Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Bachelor of Arts

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for:
The role of the Lt. Governor is to serve as the chair of the Nevada State Senate, vice chair of the Nevada Department of Transportation, board of directors and chair of the Nevada Commission of Tourism. I bring decades of experience into all these divisions of office.
A brief statement about your platform:
I am an advocate for public safety; under my leadership Henderson is ranked the second safest big city in the nation. I will work towards ensuring all Nevadans feel safe in their homes, schools and place of business.
My Platform/priorities include:
• Economic Development -- We need to integrate identified business sectors into state and regional action plans that align with workforce development and incorporate best practices.
• Transportation -- Ensuring a strong statewide transportation network for residents and visitors is essential to guarantee that people can get to work and move effortlessly and safely throughout the state.
• Education -- We need to seek new solutions on how we educate our children. Rightsizing our districts and classrooms needs to be a part of the conversation.
• Housing -- The combination of limited, developable land and continued growth is why we struggle to meet current and future housing demands. We need to evaluate current housing conditions, including requirements that constrain the development of multifamily housing, understand the demography of the under-housed, and identify land that may be repurposed to develop affordable housing.
Please see my website March4nevada for more information on my platform.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?
As lieutenant governor, it would be my top priority to bring best practices in economic development to the state level and serve all Nevadans with the passion and enthusiasm that I have as mayor of Henderson.
In Henderson we targeted industries that promote diversification and bring jobs of the future, higher-skilled and better-paying jobs. Haas Automation, the world’s largest manufacturer of machines, is currently developing a 164-acre campus in West Henderson that will bring 2,500 high-skilled jobs to this community. And Google has invested more than $1.2 billion for two datacenters, putting Henderson on the global stage for tech innovation.
Creating jobs of the future also means preparing a future workforce. The city works with our education partners to create training and career pathways to meet the needs of Henderson employers. We contributed to Nevada State College’s (NSC) new Glenn and Ande Christenson School of Education that opened last year which will significantly increase our teacher pipeline.
We also worked with NSC and College of Southern Nevada (CSN) to create the Betty Engelstad School of Health Sciences to address the critical need in our community for more healthcare professionals. We are also working with the Clark County School District to locate a Career and Technical Academy that opens this fall.
The partnership we’ve built with the Golden Knights organization is amazing. It started with the creation of Lifeguard Arena on Water Street, creating our very first professional sports team, the Henderson Silver Knights. That was a catalyst project, attracting thousands of visitors and many new investors to Water Street.
Less than five years ago, there were no professional or major college sports in Henderson. Today we are a sports city, home to four professional teams and major tournaments like the Big West Basketball Championships.


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