2024 Nevada Primary Election: Carson City Mayor

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Lori Bagwell

Occupation: Mayor

Age: 61

Contact: loribagwell@charter.net, Loribagwell.com

Record of service:

Current Public Service: Mayor of Carson City; Board of Health Member; Carson Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Chair; Liquor and Entertainment Board Member; Nevada League of Cities –Executive Board of Directors; Redevelopment Authority Chair; Regional Transportation Committee Chair; Tahoe Transportation District Board Member; Housing Taskforce Committee – Member

Prior Public Service: Audit Committee member (2014-2021); Board of Supervisors Ward 3 (2015-2021); County Board of Equalization – Vice Chair (2012-2013); Parks and Recreation Commission – Commissioner (2015-2021); Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee (2012-2013)

Community Service: AYSO and Carson City Little League Team Mom (1990-1998); Carson City Chamber of Commerce – Board Member (2012-2014); Friends in Service Helping (FISH) – President and Treasurer (2001-2017); Foundation for Parks and Recreation – Treasurer (2017-present); Friends of the Library member (2015-present); Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary 3726 – President (2016-present); Nevada State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution – State Regent, Honorary State Regent, Treasurer, and Historian (2000-present); One of Carson City’s Women of Achievement – 2023 Chamber of Commerce; Rotary Member – (2023-present)

Initialized the building of Richards Crossing – an apartment complex that prioritizes veterans; WNC – Veterans Coalition (2021 – present)


Carson High – 1980; Western Nevada Community College -1985; Liberty University (degree in Business Administration) – 1992


Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.

The mayor serves as the chair of the board of supervisors and performs duties as may be necessary for the general health, welfare and safety of Carson City. She is the head of the city government.

A brief statement about your platform.

I hope to focus on continuing to refine Carson City’s Strategic Plan, which I helped to fashion. The plan addresses:

Economic development: Cultivate a vibrant, diverse and dynamic economy to attract and retain business and a skilled workforce.

Efficient government: Provide our community with efficient services in a transparent and financially responsible manner.

Municipal organization: Foster innovation, productivity and professional growth through a cohesive, ethical, and positive work environment.

Quality of life and community: Promote educational, cultural and recreational opportunities that contribute to the health and well-being of our community.

Safety: Ensure a safe community through proactive and responsive protection of life and property.

Sustainable infrastructure: Develop and maintain a sustainable public infrastructure to meet the current and future needs of our community.

Carson City leaders address a variety of challenging issues. I consider everything from ensuring financial solvency to making city codes understandable. For example, we need to provide adequate maintenance in annual budgets for our assets and work with the sheriff to reduce costs while keeping people safe. To address our roads, we approved two ballot measures for your consideration.

Please visit my website at LoriBagwell.com for more information.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

My promise to my community is to tell the truth, work hard and honor my campaign commitments.

My government and private sector experience gives me a unique ability to work with other Supervisors and the community in solving various challenges. I have gained a reputation for problem solving through collaboration. My drive for success is measured by helping others achieve their goals.

I have lived in Carson City since 1966 and began my education in the Carson City school district, graduating from Carson High School. I also earned an associate’s degree at Western Nevada Community College and a bachelor’s degree from Liberty University. My public service career began at the age of 17 with the Nevada Department of Taxation.

I have worked my way up the ladder, serving as a lobbyist, budget director, and taxation specialist for the Nevada Association of Counties. That job included financial planning assistance for several counties. I also served as a tax administrator for the Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety and was a management analyst for Child and Family Services; a budget analyst for the Governor’s Office and deputy director of the Department of Corrections.

I served six years as your Carson City Supervisor for Ward 3. I began my service as your Mayor in January 2021.

As a small business owner for a number of years, I understand the challenges facing Carson City businesses. I am concerned about the impact of tax and fee hikes on small businesses, families and senior citizens on fixed incomes.

This is my hometown and I have been honored to help shape its future. With your vote, we can make it even better over the next four years.

Devan Doan

Occupation: Business owner – Technology Consulting (Space Cowboy)

Age: 32

Contact: devan@dd4cc.com, DD4CC.com


Undergraduate degree – University of Nevada, Reno – Political Science – 2014


 Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.

The mayor acts as the chair of the board of supervisors. The board is responsible for making all legislative and executive decisions for the City. The primary role of the mayor is to act as a conduit through which the will of the people is transformed into government policy.

A brief statement about your platform.

If I could describe my platform in one word it would be revitalization. Carson City has vast potential to show how smart public policy can make life better for everyone. By focusing on increasing the attractiveness of the city to both live, and work in we can break the stagnation, and build a community that we all will be proud of. Here are some key items of focus from my platform:

• Innovative solutions to resolve critical issues like maintaining and improving our neighborhood roads at an affordable cost.

• Bolster workforce development programs focused on increasing digital literacy to prepare the workforce for technological advancements.

• Transparent outreach, and collaboration to restore public trust in government at the local level.

• Increase the availability of affordable housing through policies that encourage sustainable growth like permitting more accessory dwelling units to be built; while also providing a pathway to ownership by implementing programs that allow renters to build equity over time.

• Promote the development of unique local attractions and support for small businesses that can draw tourists.

• Enhance marketing efforts to highlight the region's natural beauty, cultural heritage, and unique events.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

As a passionate advocate for the people of Carson City, I am honored to be running for mayor to serve our community. With a rich background in renewable energy, a commitment to public service, and a deep love for our city and its residents, I bring a unique blend of experience and dedication to this campaign. My background in obtaining incentive funding for large-scale commercial and multifamily housing projects has equipped me with the necessary skills to effectively address our city’s challenges — from developing sustainable infrastructure to enhancing local housing solutions.

As your mayor, I am committed to leveraging my experience in renewable energy and sustainable development to build a more resilient, prosperous, and inclusive Carson City. My platform aligns closely with our community’s needs, emphasizing long-term growth, inclusivity, and resilience. I have a proven track record of leading significant projects that have directly benefited communities, demonstrating my commitment and ability to deliver results. My passion for public service and my commitment to our community’s well-being drive me to continually strive for excellence and innovation in governance. These experiences and qualities make me the most qualified candidate to lead our community forward.

Jason Hastings

Occupation: Director of Formulation and Product Development

Age: 37

Contact: jason@hastingsphd.comHastingsphd.com


Minor in mathematics – University of Nevada, Reno

Minor in chemistry – University of Nevada, Reno

Bachelor’s in chemical engineering – University of Nevada, Reno

Masters in material science and engineering – University of Nevada, Reno

Doctorate of Philosophy in material science and engineering – University of Nevada, Reno



Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.

The Mayor of Carson City is at the heart of our community, guiding city operations, shaping friendly policies, and making sure everyone’s voice is heard. They focus on fostering a vibrant economy and ensuring Carson City is a wonderful place to live for all residents.

A brief statement about your platform.

My platform is centered around creating a more equitable and prosperous community through strategic investments in education and economic development. By financially supporting Carson's schools, we will not only provide a nurturing environment for every student but also attract talented professionals looking for a community that values academic and communal excellence. This transformation will make Carson a leading example in both education and quality of life.

Furthermore, protecting workers' rights and supporting collective bargaining are essential to ensuring a just and equitable society. These principles guarantee fair wages, safe working conditions, and a workplace where every individual feels respected and valued. Such an environment fosters mutual respect and collective action, leading to greater prosperity and harmony within the community.

Additionally, robust educational programs and infrastructure improvements are crucial. By enhancing educational opportunities and skills, we equip individuals to contribute to innovation and productivity, which drives economic growth and improves living standards across the community. Moreover, prioritizing infrastructure ensures our systems are resilient, adaptable, and ready for future challenges, enhancing our economic competitiveness and quality of life.

Together, these efforts will make our town a beacon of opportunity and prosperity, where every resident has the chance to succeed and thrive.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

As a lifelong resident of Carson City, I am deeply committed to the prosperity and growth of our community. With a PhD in material science and engineering and extensive experience as an operations and scientific executive, I possess a unique blend of expertise and practical knowledge that makes me exceptionally qualified to serve as mayor.

My background in science and engineering has honed my problem-solving skills and given me a disciplined approach to tackling complex issues, from infrastructure to economic development. My leadership roles, particularly as the current PTO president at my daughter's school, have not only demonstrated my dedication to education but also my ability to lead with empathy and inclusiveness.

Having been raised in a union household, I deeply understand the importance of a fair day's work and the crucial role that supportive labor policies play in ensuring economic equity. This foundation has instilled in me a strong commitment to protecting workers' rights and promoting collective bargaining to enhance the livelihoods of all citizens.

I am passionate about leveraging my background to enhance our educational systems, making Carson City a beacon of learning and opportunity. My vision includes not only advancing our educational facilities but also ensuring that every child and adult in Carson City has access to the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving economy.

I am ready to bring my blend of technical expertise, proven leadership, and a lifelong commitment to our community to the office of mayor. Together, we can build a brighter, more inclusive future for Carson City, making it a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

William Maher

Occupation: Retired

Age: 63

Contact: hunter85111@gmail.com

Record of service:

I am a seasoned professional with 17 years of experience as an X-Ray field technician and 20 years as a cable TV contractor, additionally, I bring over 37 years of experience in the healthcare industry and in the telecom sector. Currently residing in Carson City for nearly two decades, I'm dedicated to providing quality service and innovation in my work, having lived and worked in eight different states, I have developed a strong adaptability and deep understanding of diverse work environments. Join me as I share my expertise and insights gained from my extensive journey in this industry.


I have dedicated two years to studying mechanical drafting and blueprint design at West Valley College in Saratoga, California.



A brief statement about your platform.
Running for Carson City Mayor presents an opportunity to serve the community and enact positive change, it allows me to address issues that are important to me and our work to improving the quality of life for all residents, I am passionate about making a difference and believe I have the skills and vision to lead the city in a positive direction.

Jim Shirk

Occupation: Retired

Age: 73

Contact: 775-720-5761, ILoveCarsonCity@gmail.com

Record of service:

• United States Navy, 1969-1972

• Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), 1999-2000

• Carson City Board of Supervisors, Ward 4, 2012- 2016

I have lived in Carson City for 27 years with my wife, Michele. During this time, we operated our own business for 20 years and started a real estate practice. As a Navy veteran, entrepreneur, and business owner, I have decades of experience to help lead Carson City into the future.

As a prior supervisor, I am familiar with city government and personnel. This will enable me to provide insights during discussions and ask questions to facilitate decisions within understandable logic and common sense. Besides having the humility of accepting when I am wrong, I understand the urgency to make corrections that will minimize lost time and resources.

The problems discussed during my term as a supervisor are still at the forefront: maintaining our roads, creating a business-friendly environment, and being fiscally responsible with the city’s budget. These issues are even more important today due to cost increases and deferred infrastructure investment decisions.

I have continued to stay engaged in city government policies by offering public comment, writing articles, and most importantly listening to the public.


I attended college for a few years after my Navy career. I did not complete my degree, but went on to become a business owner, entrepreneur, and supervisor for Ward 4.



Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.

As the mayor along with the board we are responsible for enacting laws consistent with U.S. Constitution, Nevada Revised Statutes, and city ordinances. The mayor must collaboratively find optimal solutions based on residents' priorities and continuously improve service delivery within available funding.

A brief statement about your platform.

• Make road funding a priority, with public input.

• Challenge city staff to provide easy-to-to read reports that residents can review on an ongoing basis without requiring a degree in government accounting.

• Promote city planning and growth that are consistent with our rural small-city charm and sustainable within available resources and infrastructure. This will attract newcomers and retain lifelong residents.

• Oversee city budgets for spending on essential services and critical infrastructure.

• Facilitating economic growth will have a positive rollover effect on the community.

• Maintain timely communication with constituents on policy making and in helping to solve problems.

• Take the time to understand citizens' positions on critical issues and find common ground to gain commitments from others, which leads to positive results for our community.

• Ensure board of supervisor consent agenda items are for routine ongoing expenditures only. There must be an expenditure limit, so the bigger-dollar agenda items are subject to public discussion for transparency and require a board vote for approval. The rubber-stamping fiasco must end.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

I have served my community in public and private capacities. My broad range of experience and skills are what is needed now for effective governing in our community.

As a business owner, I know the value on return on investment, understand long-term operational planning and how to balance a budget without deficits. Local government must be a good steward of your tax dollars.

There is a perception that city government is unresponsive to public interest, which has resulted in dissatisfaction with the status quo. As mayor, I plan to listen to public concerns and demonstrate this in the implementation of city policies.

The board needs to define a better scope of practice to provide critical infrastructure in the most cost-effective way and to be transparent about how tax dollars are spent. Budgets and goals realigned to this commitment will achieve a sustainable and responsive city government. As mayor, I hope to enlist the board and city staff in developing this plan which will have position results.

Challenges are ongoing. The best approach to solve problems is a collaborative direct approach, which will be my strategy. Running successful businesses has required me to be flexible, examine scenarios, and create trade-offs in decision-making. Facilitating discussions with supervisors and city staff will help our community move forward.

I will bring a fresh perspective in Carson City government — a new voice, a new vision, and most importantly new leadership. I am open to listening to all groups but will make data-driven decisions without being indebted to special-interest groups.

A vote for me for mayor is a vote to challenge the status quo and optimize community benefits. We will develop an action plan to put us on the path of sustainable and efficient government, accepted by staff and residents.


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