Election 2022: Nevada Lieutenant Governor


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Four-year term

Candidates William Hoge and Javi Tachiquin didn’t respond.

Stavros Anthony

Party: Republican

Occupation: Las Vegas City Councilman, Retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department Captain

Age: 65




Stavros Anthony


Record of service:

I served 29 tears with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as a police Captain. Elected to 2 terms to the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents. Elected 3 terms to the Las Vegas City Council. President of St. John Greek Orthodox Church. Board member Goodwill of Southern Nevada.


Bachelor of Science, Wayne State University, Masters from UNLV, Ph.D from UNLV. Graduate of the FBI National Academy and Southern Police Leadership Institute.

What are you running?

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for?

A brief statement about your platform

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

The Lieutenant Governor if responsible for promoting tourism, supporting transportation, supporting small businesses, homeland security and presiding over the state senate. I am the only candidate who has experience in these areas.

I will promote tourism as I have on the Las Vegas City Council. I will support a transportation system in Nevada that supports enforcement, education and engineering so our residents, tourists and truckers can safely move around the state, as I have as the LVMPD Captain of the Transportation Safety Bureau and member of the Southern Nevada Regional Transportation Commission. I will support small business by reducing taxes, regulations and fees as I have on the Las Vegas City Council. I will use my 29 years of experience with the LVMPD to ensure our public safety agencies have support from the State of Nevada to keep their communities safe. I will be a constitutional conservative when I preside over the Senate as the President of the Senate.

Elizabeth “Lisa” Cano Burkhead

Party: Democrat

Occupation: Educator

Age: 51




Elizabeth “Lisa” Cano Burkhead


Record of service:

Has served as NV Lt. Governor since December of 2021

Served as an educator in Clark County for 25 years, first as a teacher, and retired as a principal.


Graduated from Chaparral High School in Las Vegas in 1989

Graduated from the University of Redlands, with a double major in English and Spanish and her teaching credential

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for

The Lieutenant Governor serves as:

A member of the Governor's Cabinet;

President of the State Senate;

Chair of the Nevada Commission on Tourism;

Chair of the Advisory Board on Outdoor Recreation;

Chair of the Keep Nevada Working Task Force;

Vice Chair of the Board of Transportation;

A member of the Board of Economic Development;

A member of the Executive Budget Audit Committee.

A brief statement about your platform

After 25 years of being an educator, and retiring as a school principal, I received a call from the Governor, and he asked me to be his partner and appointed me Lt. Governor. I have been doing the job for almost a year now - serving on Boards and Commissions, meeting with community leaders and business groups and doing the work of Lt. Governor. But most of all, I’ve hosted education roundtables across the state and created channels of communications between educators in the classroom and policy makers in Carson City to discuss issues such as teacher recruitment and retention, mental health, and how we can create better opportunities for our students after they graduate. I’ve been a substitute teacher in Washoe and Clark County -- so that I can continue to directly hear the voices of students and educators -- and I’m excited to get back into the classroom this school year as well. I really see my role as being a seat at the table for educators, students and parents and my job as making sure their voices are heard in state government.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position

I was appointed to the position in December 0f 2021 and won my Primary in June of 2022. I have done the job for the past seven months and feel I am uniquely qualified to retain my position. As a school administrator and principal, my focus has been students and building community in my schools to support kids and families. My leadership style in my role as Lt. Governor is what it has been in every role I have had previously, which is to listen, learn and build relationships with stakeholders so that we can go through challenges together and make positive changes together. I never sought the office, but when Gov. Sisolak offered to appoint me, I knew I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to serve. My life’s work has been education and working with students, educators, and parents to build community and empowering them as an elected official will be my focus.

Trey Delap

Party: Nonpartisan

Occupation: Self-employed public affairs consultant, Director, Group Six Partners, LLC

Age: 44




Electronic Press Kit: https://delap4nevada.com/epk


Trey Delap


Record of service

No military service. 24 years working in federal & state government. 6 years for Nevada State Board of Osteopathic Medicine. Full-time lobbyist in every state legislative session since 2017.


B.A., Political Science, UNLV (2001)

M.A., Ethics & Policy Studies, UNLV (2007)

M.B.A, Quantic School of Business & Technology (2021)

Why are you running?

Like most Nevadans, I'm disappointed in the parties. I believe the people should be represented directly – by their elected officials – not through corporate branded parties. 

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for

As President of the State Senate, the Lieutenant Governor is the only elected official in the legislative branch who represents all the people. (which is really cool) Chair, Commission on Tourism and serves on various Boards and Commissions.  

A brief statement about your platform

Nothing changes if nothing changes; as long as major party candidates continue to win elections, the people will never be the priority over the party. We need candidates like me to stand up and show the people that: recovery is possible, stigma can be overcome, and the people - not the parties - have the power to break the gridlock. I see billions of dollars coming into this state (through ARPA) and NO focus or plan for using that money to make a substantial, sustainable investment in empowering all Nevadans to weather an uncertain future. And this will be a significant issue in the next legislature in 2023.


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