Carson school trustees revise capital improvement plan

Carson City School District administration building.

Carson City School District administration building.

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The Carson City School District Board of Trustees on Tuesday approved the district’s revised capital improvement plan for fiscal year 2022-23 after the Facilities Master Plan Committee made updates on bond and capital fund opportunities.
The ability to move forward on school renovations and refreshing recently underwent some readjustments after a sum of $5 million earmarked for the district’s potential purchase of the 1600 Snyder Ave. property was released for such spending.
The property was sold to other interested buyers, enabling CCSD to consider district-wide cycles in asphalt, roofing and school refreshing projects, according to director of operations services Mark Korinek.
Korinek noted specific projects to the board during its budget hearing, saying the $100,000 overall projects on parking lots, roofs and interiors, including partitions, countertops and tile cleanings, help keep schools clean.
Schools such as Seeliger Elementary will receive new television monitors in their classrooms and have had mounted smartboards placed in lieu of chalkboards.
The restrooms at Bordewich Bray are being overused, so they will need to be remodeled so the traffic is rerouted. The special education rooms in the school’s autism classroom, Korinek said, is no longer adequate, and changes for it will provide more space in its standard classrooms for a total of $200,000.
Carson High School is in need of reroofing work, and phase two of its boys and girls locker rooms in need of some upgrades, costing $500,000 and $575,000 apiece for roofing recoats.
The district’s transportation department also is in need of a $100,000 remodel of its mechanics shop and service bay, he said.
Korinek said while there is more than $6.5 million in surplus, including the $5 million originally saved from the 1600 Snyder Ave. property, it is possible the committee could return to change the scope or schedule of these or potentially consolidate the roofing needs into a larger undertaking. The conversation will continue in the fall, he said.


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