Jim Valentine: Things to leave behind when you move here

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It is our belief that you move to Northern Nevada to enjoy our lifestyle, governmental style, and values. This includes protecting private property rights, being kind to one another, and minimizing governmental intrusion into our lives. This means our government doesn’t play Robin Hood, doesn’t force rent controls on property owners, and doesn’t allow for inconsequential criminal actions.
Citizens of Northern Nevada live by the code of the West, i.e. – you live your life, I’ll live mine, I’m here to help you if you need it. That makes for good neighbors and is carried out when you are out and about. If you are driving somewhere and have to pull over to allow emergency vehicles through, you participate in letting the traffic start to flow again. It isn’t an opportunity to jump ahead of cars that you zoom past as they are pulling back on the road.
Surprisingly, we experienced that the other day as two ambulances responded to a multi-car accident. We all pulled over, then some goofballs zoomed past one of which almost crashed into the car ahead of me that was pulling back on the highway. Braked hard and stopped inches from T-boning the good citizen that had pulled over. The zoomer started three cars behind me. Where are you going in such a hurry in traffic that ended up stopped for half an hour as Care flight did its thing? Leave your zeal to zoom where you came from or go back. Emergency situations require cooperation from all. What if you were in the wrecked car needing treatment?
Speaking of zooming, country roads are just that, country roads. They have animals, tractors, people on them going at country road speeds. They aren’t arterials even though you are using them as such. If you are on a road that is 35 mph max, then do 35. We live on one of those roads and are amazed how many times we are doing the limit when a zoomer comes up on us, crosses the double lines, honks, and shows us that we are number one in their minds. If you don’t like country roads, go back where you came from.
Thankfully, we still have agriculture in Northern Nevada. If you don’t like seeing animals reproducing in the fields, or the farmer moving dirt in our regular winds, then country living, or near-country living may not be for you. You don’t need to slow down to gawk and take notes for a nuisance complaint, it is legal in Nevada to have dirt move about when you farm utilizing good farming practices, NRS 140.140.
If you perceive our roads to be byways, please remember they are not a garbage can. You can throw your trash out when you fuel up or get home, but please refrain from throwing it out as you drive. We love our pretty countryside, and your fast-food or alcoholic container garbage does not enhance its natural beauty. The city you left to come here may have garbage crews that clean the roads, but we have wide open spaces and few cities and those with tight budgets. The habit of tossing out the window is best left where you came from if you want to continue to enjoy the beautiful area you seek to assimilate into.
You’ve moved here to live like us. Do it! It doesn’t matter how long or short you’ve been here, live like a Nevadan now that you are here. Remember the old saying: “When in Rome do as the Romans do.” It isn’t how you dress or look as much as it is how you act. Keep Nevada kind and full of adventure. The adventure is offroad, not on a highway seeing who can dangerously zoom the fastest. Zoom in the city where it is necessary, not here where it is out of place. Be advised, our volunteer firefighters will zoom when its necessary, clear the road for them and slowly get the traffic moving again all together, safely.
Welcome to Northern Nevada. Close to everything yet peaceful daily living in beautiful surroundings with four good seasons. A wonderful place to live and enjoy. Let’s keep it special… together.
When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your Real Estate needs… Experience is Priceless! Jim Valentine, RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, BS. 3481, 775-781-3704. dpwtigers@hotmail.com 


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