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Jim Valentine: Spring in Northern Nevada

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

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Its springtime in Northern Nevada and things are about to change. If you are new to our wonderful state, please appreciate the differences of how we do things here versus how you may have done them where you came from.

We like to think you came here because of how we live. This time of year, agriculture comes in to play in a big way. You’ll love the green pastures and fields of alfalfa, but it takes work to get them that way.

Ranchers in Northern Nevada burn their ditches to get rid of the weeds that grew in them last year. The burn is needed to allow the water to flow freely without being impeded by weeds. Burning season just opened for non-ranchers as well so you will see many people burning to get rid of the landscaping debris.

Barrel burning of trash is not allowed. Yes, there is smoke where there is fire, but as long as they called it in and gave notice to the fire department, they are within their rights to generate that smoke.

Plowing a field with the winds that we get around here can raise a bit of dust. Ranchers don’t want to lose their topsoil, but they are also under a timeline to prep the field for planting so sometimes the dust gets stirred up.

When you see dust blowing from an agricultural operation don’t report it, they are within their rights which are protected. This is different from a contractor excavating a subdivision site. That dust must be controlled.

Lyon County has an ordinance that mandates a right to farm notice be given to the buyer when real property transfers. In Douglas County there are forms, but they are not mandated. The Douglas form that we use has a bold NOTICE TO PURCHASER OF REAL PROPERTY that goes on to say that Douglas County has declared it a policy to protected and encourage agricultural operations.

If your property is located near an agricultural operation, you may at some time be subject to inconvenience or discomfort arising from agricultural operations. If conducted in a manner consistent with proper and accepted standards, these inconveniences and discomfort do not constitute a nuisance for purposes of the Douglas County Code. Douglas County code 20.01.100 Right to farm will give you more details.

Bulls and cows make calves in a process that is natural. We’ve had people move to the area and complain about the activity being viewable by their children. You might try explaining to them that this is how we get steaks and hamburgers.

The reproductive process is easily witnessed by children in our parks that have water ways this time of year and ducks and geese do what is natural to perpetuate their species.

Those ranchers with water rights will be flooding their fields soon in a process known as irrigation. They have what is called a water right – the right to use the water. Flooding the fields is how it’s done here with gravity flow surface water.

It is efficient, inexpensive, and a nice enhancement to their land. Don’t complain about the water being wasted, appreciate that it is being put to beneficial use growing crops while pleasing the many birds that enjoy the process. Watch the ducks, geese and many other birds flock to the irrigation site and frolic.

Enjoy our Northern Nevada lifestyle and you will have made the right decision in moving here. If you don’t like it, please don’t ask us to change. If you did it better where you came from… why are you here? Enjoy the freshness of spring and the joy of shirking off winter and preparing for the joy of summer.

Our communities are transitioning from agriculture to housing. It is important, however, to remember that it was the character of the agriculture that attracted most to be here. Enjoy and protect it.

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