Letter: Trump’s bad with money

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Some MAGA victims may revel in Trump’s mob boss antics bragging about threats to unleash Russian attacks on our NATO allies for not paying money owed. Apart from the fact that there is no unpaid debt to NATO, Trump’s lifelong failure to pay his own debts is legendary.

In addition to his six corporate bankruptcies estimated at $1.3 billion, there have been 60 lawsuits alleging failure to pay workers, 24 violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, and 200 mechanics liens for unpaid contract work.

More recently, he stiffed several of his high-profile co-conspirators who boosted his false claims of elections fraud, raising $250 million off MAGA victims; funds which are now leveraged to pay his mounting legal fees. We’ll never know how much he skimmed off from the government coffers during his interminable tenure.

We do know that under Trump administration policies, the federal debt held by the public rose $7.2 trillion while the trade deficit rose 40.5%. For average Americans, home prices rose 27.5%. When Trump gains, regular Americans lose. We are all grist for the insatiable grifter.

Laura Hale

Carson City


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