2024 Nevada Primary Election: State Board of Education – District 2

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Paul B. Davis

Occupation: College professor of Government and International Terrorism: Truckee Meadows Community College and UNLV
Age: 76
Contact: davisp775@charter.net

Record of service:
48 years as a full professor of government at TMCC and concurrently 18 years in the Graduate Department at UNLV. I am a three-time International Fulbright Scholar conducting research in India, Egypt, Israel, Russia, Spain, and France and teaching in Germany, Italy, Belgium and Greece. I was a selected participant in the U.S. State Department Scholar-Diplomat Program on National Security in Washington, D.C. I was involved in conducting a program on international peace, security, and conflict management for the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C. I am also a two-time National Endowment for the Humanities Research Fellow in the field of international violence and a two-time National Science Foundation scholar. I co-authored a textbook entitled Introduction to Political Terrorism for McGraw-Hill Publishers.

A.A. in political science – Santa Monica Community College (1967; B.A. degree in political science – California State University, Long Beach (1969); M.A. in political science at San Diego State University (1971); Ph.D. Degree in political science/international relations at The University of Utah (1978).



Briefly describe the core duties of the position.
The official role of the Nevada State Board of Education is to develop the vision and policy goals for student achievement.

A Brief statement about your platform.
My platform seeks to elevate our students' literacy rate. A recent 2023 educational survey showed that Nevada ranks 43rd out of 50 states. It is an embarrassment for everyone who lives in our state of Nevada. We need to do better and look for innovative ways since the old ways are not working to engage and support our students in achieving student success in their academic goals. For example, many of Nevada's High School students today engage in dual credits that allow public school students to take college courses while still in high school. The fact that I am a long-standing TMCC Community College professor and a long-standing UNLV professor involved in the program allows me a unique perspective to assist in the ongoing success of this program and assist fellow state board members.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?
I do not presume to be the most qualified person for this position. All the other candidates are well-intentioned individuals who wish our students to reach their maximum educational potential. My unique background might provide a unique perspective in discussions with the others of the State Board of Education.


Dorzell King Jr.

Occupation: Account manager, BPO Industry
Age: 45
Contact: dorzellking@gmail.com, www.vote4dorzellking.com


BA in youth and family ministry (religious studies); Honorary Doctorate in social advocacy

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.
Gives administrative support the school board and district leaders and helps implement and enforce policy.

King Jr.


A brief statement about your platform.
My priorities are:
• Improving classroom ratios so that teachers can better engage with their students and their families.
• Safety for students and teachers, eliminating violence, helping students get out of gangs and encouraging self-defense classes such as martial arts and boxing. This help gives students more confidence and a positive outlet for personal development.
• Career development so that our students can better compete in a global market.
• Administrative efficiency: Our educators should not be swamped with needless and redundant reports. The state board can help improve this.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?
I'm a concerned and engaged parent who is ready to help solve the problems, not just talk about them. I have the skills to negotiate, and problem solve from my real-world work experience. I've also been an educator myself, so I understand firsthand the challenges in the classroom. We need a champion and someone who knows how to create solutions. I am that candidate. Thank you for your time and your vote!

Angela Orr

Occupation: Principal of Doral Academy of Northern Nevada
Age: 45
Contact: www.orrfored.com, OrrForEd@gmail.com

Record of service:
With over two decades experience in education, I began my career as a history and government teacher, nurturing critical thinking and leadership in students. Later, in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction in WCSD, I developed curriculum and facilitated teacher learning to enhance educational practices in the areas of social studies, disciplinary literacy, and teacher leadership. I also taught courses for pre-service and masters students at the University of Nevada, Reno.
Currently, I am the principal of Doral Academy, a five-star charter school in Reno, managing strategic planning and maintaining high educational standards. I also founded several local non-profits like the Nevada Center for Civic Engagement, focusing on enhancing civic education across the state.
In 2022, I was appointed to the Nevada State Board of Education, a role that allows me to advocate for educational reforms and equitable resource distribution, ensuring that all Nevada students have access to quality education. This position reflects my commitment to education and my ability to influence policy effectively. My experience, from classroom teaching to educational policy, along with a knack for asking the hard questions, equips me to drive changes on the Board of Education, so that every student has the chance to thrive.

M.Ed. in educational administration, Grand Canyon University
M.S. in educational specialties: literacy, University of Nevada, Reno
B.A. in secondary education, University of Nevada, Reno



Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.
The state board develops the vision for student achievement across the state. We review achievement data, assessments, and set standards to ensure teachers and students can grow. I bring a laser focus: we must increase student achievement so that Nevada can become a Top 10 state for educational excellence.

A brief statement about your platform.
I proudly serve as the principal of Doral Academy, a distinguished charter school in Reno. With over 23 years of experience in education spanning secondary and university teaching, curriculum and instruction design, and school administration, I've garnered invaluable insights and maintained a deep commitment to the academic and personal growth of every student.
I want every student to have access to the best public school education and understand that charters can fill a valuable role. I want to ensure that school choice becomes less about the necessity of an option outside of school districts and instead becomes choice based on a desire for the best fit for a child. Every public school in Nevada should offer an exceptional education!
My platform is driven by a vision to ensure that Northern Nevada receives the recognition and resources it rightfully deserves. Time and again, our needs have been sidelined. I am committed to ensuring that the ten northern Nevada counties have a steadfast and passionate voice on the board, and I will advocate tirelessly to elevate our schools and ensure that every child in Nevada can succeed. This is more than a goal—it's a promise to our community.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?
As the only K-12 educator on this ballot, I bring a lifelong dedication to mastering the art of teaching and school administration. My journey began as a history and government teacher, where I developed a deep appreciation for the impact of education on young minds. This experience spans over two decades, not just as an educator but also as a mother. I intimately understand the concerns and fears that all parents share about education—because I've lived them myself. These personal experiences were pivotal in my decision to become a principal, where I have ensured our school remains a 5 Star School and is known for developing joyful learning environments.
Unlike some candidates who may see the State Board of Education as a stepping stone for political gain, I did not initially seek this position through an election. I was honored to be appointed to the role, and as board meeting minutes attest, I jumped right into active participation. I know my firsthand experience in schools offers invaluable insights. I am committed to leveraging my unique perspective to advocate effectively for our schools and children. This role isn't just a position to me—it's a continuation of my life's work, driven by a passion to ensure every child receives the quality education they deserve.


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