View from the Past

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100 Years Ago

Since October 1913, the dairy business has increased about four fold. Practically all the output of dairy products in this valley is from animals which have been imported. The new generation of heifers has not had time to freshen yet except in a few cases. A considerable number of high class dairy bulls have been imported. It will be interesting to note the growth of the dairy industry from the records of the Churchill Creamery. It will be noted that the highest prices for butter-fat have always been during the fall and winter months.

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, October 16, 1915

75 Years Ago

“Tell the jellyfish Americans that Hitler will be here by December…” said a young German officer interned in Canada to Mrs. Irene Lewis of Toronto in an interview. “ You will be blacking our boots by December.” Mrs. Lewis has been visiting Reno as an honored guest of Zeta Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi at the home of Mrs. Wayne Wightman. Mrs. Lewis spoke of two years she had studied in Germany and loved it. The Germans behind Hitler were not the real Germans. Questioned in regard to finding homes for refugee British children in which she has been engaged, she said that the response from Canadian and American families has been enormous. The Fallon Standard, Wednesday, October 16, 1940

Preparations for the appearance of Ralph Lattin, Churchill County senator and republican candidate for Congressman, at a rally at Fallon Theatre tonight, and of Sam Platt, candidate for the U.S. senate, have been completed, according to E.H. Hursh, chairman.

The Fallon Standard, Wednesday, October 23, 1940

50 Years Ago

The romantic adventures of the 49er’s and the Yukon prospectors are over, but the gold hunt goes on. And it has paid off for Newmont’s Carlin Gold Mine. Peter M. Loncar, Superintendent for the Carlin Gold Mining Company, told the Society of Mining Engineers about it today. Mr. Loncar credited the U.S. Geological Survey with revealing the gold-bearing indications. The company “was able to bring a new prospect to a producing mine with ore reserves of eleven million tons in three years. Gold, as it occurs here, is extremely fine.” The gold in the ore may be invisible, but the resultant gleaming blocks are visible and valuable.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, October 8, 1965

Chet Williams, who has served as chairman of the Eradication of Hog Cholera Committee for the State Of Nevada, was in Carson City last week for the presentation of a plaque to Governor Sawyer by a representative of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington. Nevada was one of two states (Vermont being the other) who had no hog cholera during the past year. Mr. Williams said a vaccination program and more control over processing the hogs’ feed stamped out cholera among Nevada hogs.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, October 8, 1965

A View From The Past…stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Margo Weldy, Churchill County Museum Assistant


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