Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Aug. 3

Do homework before voting

One of my mottos is to always question and research. I did both after listening to Mr. Kahn’s speech during the DNC. I do have sympathy for their loss and admiration for their son’s service. However I do abhor them using their son’s sacrifice for political purposes. So why would they do this? I searched a bit and found that Mr. Kahn is a lawyer with an advanced degree from Harvard, with a law practice in New York. Further I found on the Internet that he is credited with many articles concerning papers he has written on Immigration and Sharia Law. This all makes me question was his speech really meant or was it the DNC pandering to the voters?

Was he promised a lucrative position by the DNC or if Hillary is elected?

I implore each and everyone to question what they hear, see, or read from either party. Do not just accept what you get on Facebook, news, or political commercials-even if it speaks to what you want to believe. The future of this country lies in your hands — treat it with great care.

For those wondering, No, I have not decided how I am going to vote in November, still doing my homework as should you.

Carlynann V. Johnson



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