View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Rural Women’s Work. A letter from W. A. Ryan of the Reclamation Service to D. W. Cole states that the Bureau of Markets is making investigation of rural women’s organizations, and to this end, Miss Anna M. Evans, of St. Louis, accompanied by Miss Sherman, will be in Fallon May 31 and June 1 to carry on investigations. On the Truckee-Carson project, it is stated, they are especially interested in the Artemisia club, the Draper, the Mother’s club at Fernley and other women’s clubs.

Churchill County Eagle — May 15, 1916.

Woman is Appointed Lander Commissioner. Governor Boyle has appointed Mrs. Janet E. Dory Commissioner of Lander County to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of her husband.

Churchill County Eagle — May 15, 1916.

Scalded in Hot Springs. A tragedy occurred at the Eagle Salt works, about twelve miles north of Hazen last Saturday, when Carl Buss accidently stumbled into a boiling hot spring and was fatally scalded. He knew of the existence of the springs, but did not realize the water was boiling hot. Mrs. Buss realizing the serious condition of her husband immediately mounted a horse and set forth to seek assistance. She was unacquainted with the geography of the country, but after traveling all night, managed to reach Fernley where she informed Dr. Joslin of the accident. Dr. Joslin immediately left for the scene of the accident in an automobile and found Mr. Buss still alive. The party returned to Fernley when Mr. Buss was placed on No. 23 for Reno, but expired at Clark’s station.

Churchill County Eagle — May 15, 1915.

75 Years Ago

Hunters Warned About Bullfrogs. The bullfrogs planted in areas near Fallon are protected by county ordinance covering game laws of 1940, and may not be taken, was the warning issued this week from the office of County Clerk George W. Likes, who said that he was afraid some might have forgotten. The frogs were planted with the idea in view that within a few years they would become plentiful enough to provide another source of food as well as recreation for sportsmen.

The Fallon Eagle — May 17, 1941.

Regulations for Use Of Water Sent to Farmers. Regulations for the use of water on the Newlands Project are being mailed to water users over the district. The effort is to relieve conditions brought about by the rising water table which in many cases has impaired usefulness of the drainage canals, and also to conserve the water supply. Water users will be required to give 36 hours advance notice when water is wanted. Water waste will be penalized.

The Fallon Standard — May 21, 1941.

50 Years Ago

$100,000 Federal Grant Approved for Hospital. A $100,000 federal grant has been approved by the Public Health Service for Churchill Public Hospital according to a telegram received by Congressman Walter S. Baring this week.

Fallon- Eagle Standard — May 10, 1966.

Virgil Getto Files for Assembly. Virgil Getto, prominent Churchill County dairy farmer from the Old River district, filed yesterday with the County Clerk on the Republican ticket for the office of State Assemblyman. He will oppose the incumbent Democratic assemblyman, Eric Palludan.

Fallon- Eagle Standard — May 10, 1966.

17 Churchill County Delegates Attend Demo Commission. Seventeen Churchill Democratic delegates participated in the State Democratic Convention held in Winnemucca last week.

Fallon- Eagle Standard — May 13, 1966.

From the Past….Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Cindy Loper, Churchill County Museum assistant.


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