Flood update Churchill County

Due to the lack of sand bag requests over the past ten days and the fact that residents in the river corridor have their protections in place, we are temporarily suspending sandbag orders and deliveries.

Residents may still pick up sandbags at the Churchill County Fairgrounds from 8am-4pm, seven days a week, excluding holidays.

Earlier this week, the flow in the Carson River was reduced to give some relief to residents experiencing water migration issues, but please keep in mind the flows may have to be increased as we continue through this event, which is expected to last through the summer.

If we have a major weather event or other adverse incidents, the situation can change drastically in a very short time, so KEEP INFORMED AND STAY PREPARED.

The Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), who maintains ownership of Lahontan Dam and the related irrigation infrastructure and the Truckee Carson Irrigation District (TCID, who is responsible for managing the water and irrigation project), are continually monitoring the flows and runoff projections. As the year progresses, the data will be evaluated and adjustments will be made as required.

Remember to subscribe to the Sheriff’s Emergency Alert with the NOTIFY ME system at www.churchillcounty.org. Click the NOTIFY ME button below the photos on the main page. Scroll down for the EMERGENCY ALERT subscription. You are able to choose email and/or text options.

The Emergency Operations Center may be reached at 775.423.4177. Messages may be left and calls will be returned, but no sandbag requests will be fulfilled at this time. If you are experiencing an emergency or need to report debris, problems, or breaches contact the Sheriff’s Office at 775.423.3116 or dial 911.


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