Area, state temperatures to remain in triple digits

A local resident found a way to cool off over the weekend by enjoying activities at Lahontan Reservoir.

A local resident found a way to cool off over the weekend by enjoying activities at Lahontan Reservoir.
Photo by Steve Ranson.

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Churchill County, along with other areas in Nevada, has been experiencing near-record high temperatures for the past week.

According to the National Weather Service’s office in Reno, temperatures will hover around the 100-degree mark going into the weekend with Friday being the hottest day at 104 degrees. The expected high for Saturday is 102 degrees and 100 on Sunday with temperatures possibly dropping below the century mark on Monday at 99.

Sunday’s high in Fallon, though, almost broke a record on the same day Las Vegas set an all-time high at 120 degrees. Fallon’s 106 degrees tied the record set in 1989.

The long-range forecast for the next 10 days shows Fallon’s highs bouncing between 99 to 101 degrees. Two records were broken three years ago when the area experienced back-to-back 109-degree days on July 12 and July 13. The 109 degrees is also Fallon’s all-time high.

August also has the potential of being a hot month. In 1981 and 1990, the daily high reached 108 degrees.

The weather service offered several tips for elderly residents and pet owners. Senior residents must be careful in dealing with the hot weather, and friends or family should check on them regularly. Additionally, the weather service said pet owners also have a responsibility to ensure their cats and dogs and any other animals don’t become victims to the heat.

During a heat wave, the American Red Cross advises people to stay hydrated and consume fluids before, during and after outdoor activities regardless of activity level; take frequent drink breaks, preferably in the shade; put ice cubes in nonalcoholic drinks; and sneak in fluids by offering foods that have a high liquid content such as fresh fruit, popsicles, Jell-O, yogurt and fruit sauces.

The Red Cross also encourages the use of air conditioning and/or fans if possible and for individuals to close the blinds during the day or black out windows with a dark sheet or blanket. Individuals may cool themselves with cold or room temperature water.


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